Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Swanning around.

Yes Yes,, I know I've changed the background photo again,,, this one was taken by our old friend Alan "Hasselblad" [that's welsh for Westerner] Davies and for me it sums up the essence of life on the pastures,,, it's murky, an uphill struggle, and the far distance is well out of focus,, wonderful,, nothing to do with me not having to pay him royalties for his very atmospheric image.
There is an interesting little tale about the pedestrians on the hill but I'll save that one for when I've found another close up shot of this little lot.
You are probably wondering what all this has to do with swan-upping and all that Thames Pageantry.
Well Mr Hasselblad will actually be joining us at Chelmsford and he is a very useful person to have alongside,,, when things get fraught Alan has this wonderful capability of serenely carrying on whilst the world falls apart around him,,, a bit like the swan going against the current,, very graceful on the surface whilst all hell is breaking loose in the engine room arena.
Now I'm not suggesting that we are in for a rough time at Chelmsford,, Oct 20th [just in case you forget] but if we do Alan is very adept at multifunctioning,,, he can drive the tram, smile, and hold a conversation with a member of the public all at the same time whilst out of view yours truly is unwittingly burning holes in his trouser legs with a soldering iron,,, I told you we have fun whilst exhibiting.
We look forward to meeting you all a week on Saturday!!

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