Sunday, 7 October 2012

Bathing on an industrial scale!!!

I just have to share this little gem with our burgeoning band of supporters,,, and it is taken from my rapidly expanding "life in the real world" album.

Not wanting to bore you with too much detail I actually remember bathing in something like this as a child,,, but I'm sure my experience was in a larger and more comfortable vessel than this poor devil.

It's another mine workers photo from 1931,,now he has probably just finished a shift down't pit and is need of some cleansing!!!! On completion of his very personal hygene regime he probably shot off round his local hostelry and downed 15 pints of Mansfield Best Bitter,,,, and rightly so if you ask me.

Unbelievable,,, not really that's the way things were,,, and everybody had a smile on their face,,, and I'm not surprised after 15 pints of Mansfield Best!!!!

Think on all you flockers,,think on!!!

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