Saturday, 14 July 2012

Chelmsford Exhibition Oct 20th 2012

Here we go again,,, it's time to giggle our way through another exhibition,,,, this time it's Chelmsford. A nice place with a lovely cathedral and it used to be famous for radio waves and a company called Marconi,,, who were at the cutting edge of all manner of radio development and then caught the uncompetetive disease and promptly followed the trend set by other well known British names,,, Matchless, Arial, Atkinson, British Leyland,,,yo ho,,why is it in the past we were good at all sorts of things!!! Better leave BL out of that profound statement,,, does anybody remember the all singing all dancing All AGGRO with the square steering wheel,,, what a hoot,,, no wonder they went broke. Anyway if anyone would like to join in the merryment just send a sae with a suitable financial inducement to yours truly and I'm sure we will be able to find you a couple of feet of spare floor space to stand in behind the pastures. You'll be surprised to know this is the first wireless driven blog,,, now you know why I was wittering on about Marconi,, so we should be able to blog much more frequently from the kitchen, lounge, bath [probably not a good idea] shed,, garage just look at the photo's,,, the possibility's are endless. T'other photo was taken whilst I was swanning about in my virtual
imaginery Mk16 photo recce Mosquito,, a different view of the pastures,,, thinking of you father!!!!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Out of chaos comes order!!

There's nothing Nietzsche couldn't teach yer about the benefits of Plastikard. Just take a look at the first digipic,,,, a very busy day in't shed!!! Having viewed the blog for the first time in a couple of months it became evident that it was some time since I had actually featured any actual modelling,,,not to mention I was in danger of falling behind my blogging targets for the year. So a couple of pictures to allay any fears that I had taken up basket weaving or philately,,, thats Phil's main trouble,,, he has a definite problem with punctuality. I woke up with a sudden urge one spring morning and experience told me I knew how to get rid of it,,, so off up the shed for a fiddle and rumage through my variety of scrap boxes. I occasioned upon some old PD Marsh horse drawn wagon wheels and various off cuts of plastikard. I then bumped into a picture in the GCR Album by the venerable George Dow of a GCR horse drawn 8 ton wagon. It then dawned on me that you see very few horse drawn wagons on layouts and that was it I had to have one. Its been amazing fun,,, especially the tarpaulin cover,,,, ho ho,, getting that to stick where you wanted it,,, and not sticking where you didn't want it was almost as good as 3 dimensional chess,,, but I am relatively happy with the results,,, so far,,, I would have preferred vertical as against horizontal creasing but at least I now know how to achieve it. Oh Dinners ready so I'll have to pull the chain on this one,,, and the D9 is rapidly cathching up with my Lord Faringdon in the quick start but slow finishing stakes. Hope you like the photo's. SAD