Thursday, 26 September 2013

We are off on our travels in about 12 hours!!!

We know where we're going and we know who's coming with us!!!! Can't remember who sang it but it is most appropriate.

Yes after yet another typical SAD last minute scramble the D9 will be joining us at Barrow Hill,,, not only that but Valour will be appearing in workshop grey as well.

The D9 photo above was taken about 10 minutes ago and the decalfix is still wet,,, I could say it had just run through the water troughs but that would be a big fib,, but it will be treading the boards with us!!! Yippeee.

I know we are supposed to be celebrating Doncaster but the required level of Gortonaura is just as important!!!

Valour as well,,,, cripes this is like copping 3 streaks on the same day,,, bloomin heck Valour making an exhibition of itself after all these years now that is quite an occasion co's I started the bloomin thing in Jeddah Saudi Arabia in 1982,,, I don't like to rush things!!!!
Lets crack the jubbly,,, well maybe not,, we don't need to the beer in Chesterfield is more than adequate.

Come along and join us,,, we are dead easy to find just listen for the giggling,, we really don't take it that seriously,, we usually have much more fun than the paying public,,,especially in the evenings!!!

Oh and the CLOP is also being tested on average Jo for the first time,,,, now that should be fun.


Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Paint Shop is alive and kicking.

Just to let you all know that I haven't just been sat dans my derrier,,, this is the view last night after the paint shop doors were opened for the first time in quite a few days.

The D9 is still in there and we will be moving heaven and earth to make sure it joins us in the fun at Barro'Ill.
This time next week it will all be over and we will be wending our merry way east,,, ah well not long till Tonbridge, Kent, in February next year.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

1 week and counting

I reckon I might invest in one of these robot painting gizmo's,,, I could have done with one over the last week,, I've also now decided that painting is not as big a chore as it was but the lettering and numbering is,,,, but it is something one has to do to bring everything to life.

I have to say they all look very smart in their new black suits and yellow lettering!!!
Won't be long before I decide they look too nice and have to attack them with the weathering gun.

Anyway treading the boards for the first time will be:
2nd Bec J11 Pom Pom,,, I know the magnet ruins the view from the cab but this is another of the old stagers that was with me way back when in the early 70's.

Bec J52,, yer actual Corporal Jones of Salmon Pastures,, is rebuilt, repainted and running & looking better than it ever did.

Lancs & Yorks Highflyer Atlantic,,, one of many started in the early 90's and then hit the dreaded "lets gather dust" shelf,,, not any more she is raring to go.

Fowler 2-6-4 tank WITH  limousine cab,,, have actually amazed myself with how this one has turned out,,, hard to believe it used to be a Hornby toy train type.

Cotswold GCR F1 2-4-2tank,,, close companion of the Highflyer but not any more.

Nu cast GCR C13 4-4-2tank the 3rd musketeer from the dust shelf,,, but now looking pristine. 

Anyway now we have an extra 6 lumps of motive power to take with us to Barrow Hill I can see I will have to start smiling at the management again in an effort to get permission to extend the shed, we quite simply do not have enough room to store them all the way things are,,, and looking at the "to do" shelf in the shed there is about another 6 that need finishing off,,, my word we are going to be busy before we set off for Tonbridge & our first venture sarf of the river in February.

And talking of exhibitions it is now only 1 week till we are "up em an at em" at Barrow Hill if you are looking for an excuse to visit then forget all the brownie points just get your act together and come and help us celebrate something worthwhile,,, 160th anniversary of Doncaster!!!!

What more could you want for an exciting weekend away,,,, I know we'll have one.

See you there!!!

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Barrow Hill Live 2013

Apologies to all our happy readers but the above graphic should give you a pretty good idea of what we have been doing with ourselves.

Not to mention of course the fact that since I last blogged we have successfully negotiated the annual pilgrimage to the Great Dorset Steam Fair and spent a happy few days in the caravan at Baltic Wharf in Bristol.

Now that was very interesting,,, I've never been to Bristol before and I can confidently say we will definitely be going again,,, what a fascinating place,,, I also took the opportunity to wander up the river to have a look at yer mans suspension bridge,,,, IMPRESSIVE,,,, IKB was undoubtedly a very clever fella being able to string that lot over the gorge before either electricity or JCB's had been invented!!!!  Hats off to him,,,, and his steam ship,,,, and I also enjoyed the architecture down in the old town.

14 days from now we will be half way through our Barrow Hill bash,,, we have been very busy,,, the Webbens  mysteriously appeared with the CLOP,,,, and we spent a happy couple of hours playing with it last week,,,, we have quite a long way to go but I think average Jo at Barrow Hill will have his experience of the pastures definitely enhanced by the digital display of what has happened,,,is happening and possibly about to subject to all them bytes and ducks being lined up in a suitable row.

Today I have been coaling, coupling and painting all manner of exhibits to also enhance the experience and tomorrow it will be damn similar,,, I even cleaned the track the other day and it was surprising what a difference that has made.

The Photographic Druid,,, of Westerner fame also arrived last week suitably armed with some new shop and factory signs,,, they have been applied and look much better than the old ones,,, thankyou Mr Alan,,, you can all meet him at Barrow Hill,,, he will be swanning about with that air of unflappable confidence and probably musing about why none of the engines are painted Brunswick Green,,,, the Webbens will also be in attendance doubtless armed with his micro chippy toolbox and focus meetings and cognisant generic tables,,, each to his own.

Anyway enough of this,,, we still can't wait and if you do attend please come along and say hello,,, I'll probably be on my own as I know the Webbens wants to enjoy at least 20 brake van rides,,,[he's actually a qualified guard on the Mid Norfolk I just can't wait to see him in his daft hat] and The Westerner claims to have never heard a Deltic so that's him truly mesmerised every time they crank one into life,,, that reminds me I must sort out my breathing apparatus,,, I well remember just how pungent a starting Deltic can be.

Hopefully see you there!!! ENJOY