Saturday, 14 September 2013

Barrow Hill Live 2013

Apologies to all our happy readers but the above graphic should give you a pretty good idea of what we have been doing with ourselves.

Not to mention of course the fact that since I last blogged we have successfully negotiated the annual pilgrimage to the Great Dorset Steam Fair and spent a happy few days in the caravan at Baltic Wharf in Bristol.

Now that was very interesting,,, I've never been to Bristol before and I can confidently say we will definitely be going again,,, what a fascinating place,,, I also took the opportunity to wander up the river to have a look at yer mans suspension bridge,,,, IMPRESSIVE,,,, IKB was undoubtedly a very clever fella being able to string that lot over the gorge before either electricity or JCB's had been invented!!!!  Hats off to him,,,, and his steam ship,,,, and I also enjoyed the architecture down in the old town.

14 days from now we will be half way through our Barrow Hill bash,,, we have been very busy,,, the Webbens  mysteriously appeared with the CLOP,,,, and we spent a happy couple of hours playing with it last week,,,, we have quite a long way to go but I think average Jo at Barrow Hill will have his experience of the pastures definitely enhanced by the digital display of what has happened,,,is happening and possibly about to subject to all them bytes and ducks being lined up in a suitable row.

Today I have been coaling, coupling and painting all manner of exhibits to also enhance the experience and tomorrow it will be damn similar,,, I even cleaned the track the other day and it was surprising what a difference that has made.

The Photographic Druid,,, of Westerner fame also arrived last week suitably armed with some new shop and factory signs,,, they have been applied and look much better than the old ones,,, thankyou Mr Alan,,, you can all meet him at Barrow Hill,,, he will be swanning about with that air of unflappable confidence and probably musing about why none of the engines are painted Brunswick Green,,,, the Webbens will also be in attendance doubtless armed with his micro chippy toolbox and focus meetings and cognisant generic tables,,, each to his own.

Anyway enough of this,,, we still can't wait and if you do attend please come along and say hello,,, I'll probably be on my own as I know the Webbens wants to enjoy at least 20 brake van rides,,,[he's actually a qualified guard on the Mid Norfolk I just can't wait to see him in his daft hat] and The Westerner claims to have never heard a Deltic so that's him truly mesmerised every time they crank one into life,,, that reminds me I must sort out my breathing apparatus,,, I well remember just how pungent a starting Deltic can be.

Hopefully see you there!!! ENJOY

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