Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Are you going to Scarborough Fair!!!!

Well we are,,, it's actually in Pickering but no matter,, rumour has it that it's a nice compact quality laden show,,, how the heck did we,,, no,, let's just enjoy it for what it is.

One of the main reasons we are going is to see if we can challenge Geoff of the Scarborough & District club to another game of pool,,, for those of you who missed our write up on the Barrow Hill bash in 2013 you have not lived until you have seen Geoff play pool,,, to say his cue action is an acquired art is probably the understatement of the blog,,, NOT TO BE MISSED.

Now that picture above which looks like the jigsaw you got from your Gran in 1965 is the Scarborough Spa Express,,, now when we were recently living in Huddersfield [ have you ever had yours felt,,, no not lately] the Scarborough Spa used to leave from Hudds station,,, and what a sight it was,,, now Hudds station is also worth a visit for anyone who fancy's having a nice pint and doing a bit of trainspotting at the same time,,, there is this incredible bar on the station which is jam packed with Railwayana,,, name plates,, number plates,, pictures,, lamps,, beer mats,, all manner of things related to our favourite form of propulsion.

Anyway 5 weeks this weekend we will be entertaining the masses yet again,,, with a few weathered old souls and a couple of boxes full of engines,,,, I went up to York last weekend just to check things out and I had forgotten how beautiful my home county really is,,, once again,,, can't wait for the Scarborough Bash.

Come and joins us,, it's in the holidays and good weather is guaranteed in North Yorkshire in August!!!!

What a loverly Jubbly pic of the Scarborough Spa Express,,, I do hope it is still running.