Saturday, 12 March 2011

Pre Nottingham Exhibition Run In

Crikey,, I'd forgotten how easy Blogging WAS,,, you've probably been waiting years for an update and now you get 2 on consecutive days,,,, anyway just to let you know that this afternoon myself and the chief test driver spent the complete afternoon chasing all manner of gremlins up the river in an attempt to get trouble free running at the Nottingham Bash next weekend.

We even turned the soldering iron on,,, and by the time we'd finished my bent riflers were red hot!!!!

GT was on form and only had the J50 into the turntable pit on one occasion,,,things really are looking up,,, mind you he was understandably distracted as Dolores was giving it "serious" vocals in the the background,,, Ably assisted by the inimitable Thomas Dorsey Esq.

With all these low flying J50 tanks we will probably need our very own air traffic controller next weekend!!!! Which is just as well as we've got one,,, assuming he's awake of course.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Nottingham Exhibition

On the vary rare chance that people may look at the Salmon Pastures Blog on a regular basis!!! T'is time for an announcement,,, as it's 2 years since we last trod the exhibition boards at Sheffield Model Railway Enthusiasts most enjoyable bash then

BE Warned

we are about to tread the boards again at the Nottingham Exhibition this coming weekend March 19th 20th 2011.

We have LOADS of new buildings to gawp at,,, several fresh engines to keep you entertained,,, and whilst the tram is still solar powered,,, and I am running out of excuses for not putting in the overhead catenary!!! The sandwich box control panel is no more,,, and we just hope the new one works!!!

If anybody does read this and it encourages them to come along to the Nottingham show then please make yourself known to the happy crew that will be trying their hardest to give the impression they know what they are doing,,, this time 2 weeks ago one was in the Falklands,, defending the empire,,, another was waiting for him to come home and defend her honour,, another was waxing lyrical about some 1930' s songstress called Dolores,,, and yours truly was adding more jobs to his tick list than crossing them off.

Such are the challenges of a bunch of wandering exhibition minstrels,,,

We will be having fun,,, just listen.

SAD at Salmon Pastures

Please make yourself known and win a prize,,, I really do hope you like Polo's,,,the mint that is.