Saturday, 2 December 2017

Here we go again!!!

I bet you were all expecting to see some sunny, warm, photo's of Malta,,,, and what do you get,,,, Lower Ince,,, which is part of Wigan!!!!

And many thanks to Apollo [Andy Rush] of various forums fame for this wonderful picture.
[click on the picture and it will magnify,,, a bit]

Porquoi, Pawchoir, Porekwa,, ask all the remainers amongst you,,, well if you look very closely in the top right hand quarter of the above picture you will see the old Great Central line going over the Leeds - Liverpool canal and into the MSLR-GCR goods yard,,, it later became Lower Ince station and the line continued into the gloom arriving at Wigan Central.

This is the next project,, subject to the boxes arriving,,, planning permission being obtained from SWMBO and the landlord,,, and me finding time to concentrate on something constructive.

Now the other line which starts in the bottom right and ends in top left quarter is the the old LMS line,,, which give's me modellers license to run my various bits of L&Y  & the occasional LNW / LMS types.


Now a long long time ago when I was still a schoolboy I used to spend an enormous amount of time doing a railway modelling apprenticeship at a place called the Welsh International Railway,,,, it was much more interesting than revising for O levels as the end results showed!!!!

How lucky we were to be able to spend Tuesday evenings learning how to solder white metal kits together and Saturdays being allowed to run the W.I.R. which started as an oval in a massive front bedroom,,, ran down the main corridor into Kings Cross station in the huge living room,,, this was all 3 rail,,, hand made points,,, many scratch built loco's,, it was HUGE,,, and made and financed by one man Des Welsh.

I guess on a "track night" there was well in excess of 100 loco's and countless carriages and wagons,,, and it was portable,, Yes,,, he used to take it to exhibitions,,,, a MAMMOTH project in itself,,, you have probably guessed Des was a confirmed bachelor and it showed,,,, for a mad keen 14 year old 34a Wostenholme Road Sheffield was paradise.

In the middle of the main oval in the bedroom was an 18 road marshalling yard,, with its own engine shed,,, where an enthusiastic shunter could waste many a happy hour,,, and I did,,, one of my life's happiest railway memories is shunting with a Rivarossi model of a Deutsche Bundesbahn 2-10-0 which for 1963 ran like a dream,,,, on the W.I.R anything went,,, UK,, USA, French, German, Italian you name it there would probably be one.

Here we are 50 odd years later and it has become clear that shunting is an important part of my modelling DNA,,,, and as much as I enjoyed playing with my engines on the Pasture's shed there was little scope for some constructive shunting,,,, so,,,, a new project is formulating in the old grey matter,,, and has been for some time,,, on initial planning I reckon 50 feet long and 10 feet wide will probably cover it,,,, but I do have a compromise strategy worked out to present to the finance committee,,,, and that all depends on how big a garage I can find!!!!


Just to prove we actually arrived I offer a couple of shots of our local environs,,,, enjoy,,, we do.

The church is still there but unfortunately all the "proper" buses have been replaced by faceless things from China,,, which appear to spend more time in the workshops than they do on the roads,,, yesterday we had 7 mile journey to Valletta,,, it took 90 minutes,,, the bus broke down,,, we walked about a quarter of the way,,, and believe me if you try hard enough you can get 70 people on a bus which is licensed for 40,,,, the good news is it's great way of meeting the locals!!!!

Monday, 18 September 2017

Get yer knee's brown!!!!

Was doing a bit of main-tain-nance last night on the dreaded laptop,,, and cruised into the Salmon Pastures blog looking for a picture to ponder on.

Not only had I forgotten how to navigate myself round my own bolg [see what I mean] but it also suddenly became apparent that I had not posted anything whatsover in 2017.

Not good enough,,, could try harder,,, and all the other cliche's stolen from my school reports.

Well just to keep all informed on progress "we" are about to set sail [or row] for a bit of sunshine on the wonderful island of Malta,,, I was there a long time ago whilst serving in HRH's  Royal Air Farce and am pretty confident that by now the locals will have forgotten what we got up to in Frank's Bar in Luqa village in the early 70's.

The pastures has "gorn sarf" to Croydon,,, the tool kit is packed and raring to go,,, the dog and cat are booked in with Easy-Jet and myself and the mehmsaab have been practising our strokes on Google Maps,,,,, we were going to blast through the Mont Blanc tunnel but then found out after mid October you can be had by the Alfa Male Carabineri for not having snow tyres,,, ha ha Luigi,,, if you think I'm buying a set of tyres to use just once going through a tunnel your mistaken,,, [I bet my old mate John Clawed Junkit has something to do with that bit of legislation] so we have decided a safer bet will be to go the scenic [ a cheaper ] route via Monti Carlos.

Plans are already formulating on what I can do when we finally get down there:::::
 and after that then we have some serious modelling to partake of,,,, at the last count I have about 9 or 10 loco's to crack on with and a couple of boxes of wagon kits that have been gathering dust for far too long,,,, so whilst you all will have to wait a little bit longer I can honestly say that progress reports will soon be shooting off the press to keep you all up to date on exactly what is or is not happening,,, thats all for now and Merry Xmas!!!

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

L1 Zeppelin progress report.

Sorry but having spent the best part of the day fiddling with the chassis you will have to look at the progress in pictures in the Pastures Flickr link,,, in the Work in Progress section.
We now have a working chassis, footplate with multitudinous S bends, buffer beams and buffer shanks.

As for a full blow by blow description sorry but:
 1: I can't be *rsed,, & don't forget a pictures worth a thousand words
2: T's ready.

But rest assured it is coming together,,,, like the rest of it's stablemates,,, "slowly"
Just don't get in it's way co's the brakes on these were hopeless,,,, but more on that later!!


Thursday, 8 December 2016

Manchester Exhibition December 2016

For anyone interested in the Manchester show the full album of "westerners" photo's are now on the flickr link under Manchester 2016. Next time you wear that shirt Neville can you also provide sunglasses????
Roger is proudly presenting a new bottle of oil he has just purchased,,,, I know not why.

Monday, 5 December 2016

That's yer lot

A time expired Salmon!!!!!!!

Crickey after a weekend like that we all need a bit of R&R,,,, even the poor old elephant.

It is dear readers with some considerable regret I have to announce that we have just completed the last exhibition with Salmon Pastures.

It is now over 10 years since the first show and that was a very low key affair to raise money for the East Anglian Air Ambulance,,, today we have just got back from doing Manchester exhibition and how things have change,,,, we have all got older,,,, I am convinced the layout has got heavier and it never was the easiest of things to hump into the back of a van so,,, "lets call it a day".

This does not necessarily mean the Salmon Pastures blog is going to finish as well,,, I KNOW I am going to need a vehicle for future rants & I also know there is a veritable plethora of crazy pictures hanging out there in the ether just waiting for future inclusion,,, things like this shot of the Pastures Infirmary "neuro anaesthetists away B team",,,, a likelier bunch a lads it is hard to imagine.

It has been a real pleasure,,,,if we have brought a little sunshine into your life then it has all been so worth while but on the exhibition front at least I have to say enuf's enuf,,, and not to mention the mehmsaab and myself intend heading off to sunnier climes in a last ditched attempt to avoid endless English winters.

But as has been said on several occasions over the past weekend,, never say never,, and so we won't mention it again.

We will however be offering a post Manchester show report just to let you know how we got on,,, and that will be a lot easier when I have the pictures back from the chemists!!!!

In short IT WAS A CRACKER,,,, the definite highlight in my personal modelling career,,, you just ain't lived till you have done the |Manchester Exhibition,,, truly wonderful,,,

Sunday, 13 November 2016

There's a terrible echo in here!!!!

Had the "pleasure" of going to Spalding exhibition today with "westerner",,,, I wouldn't register an official grievance but I was slightly disappointed,,, why you ask,,, well we had both seen enough after just under 2 hours and that included a 15 minute coffee break. All this fun for £6.00 at concession rates!!
It was OK,,, well it would be as Gresley Beat was there,, but apart from that and an S4 Lancs & Yorks layout not much else took my fancy.
I was hoping to buy a book I was looking for and the choice of books was poor to say the least.

And just in case anybody from Spalding club reads this then can I politely suggest letting proud young parents in with a 2 seater [side by side seating] buggy which was approximately 4 feet wide into your already cramped 6 feet aisles was not conducive to a happy visitor experience!!!!
Gridlock,,,, and lets be honest the darling kinder were not in the least bit interested in the exhibits.
That buggy would block the M25,,, never mind a model railway exhibition.

Anyway on to more pleasant things,,,, also recently visited Little Bytham again and our host was conned into reproducing the wonderful shot from my last post of a B3 earning a crust.
See the comparison above,, many thanks Tony for a wonderful day out and a smashing pic of Valour.

Was it really July when I last posted,,,, no excuse,,, whatsoever,,, other than to say I have been very busy getting ready for Manchester exhibition which is the first weekend in December,,, if you want to see it for real then please come along,,,,,

After his outstanding debut at Crawley I'm pleased to advise Neville and his hat will also be in evidence and if you feel the urge to get litigious with anybody we can introduce you to Roger & apparently he is very good at that sort of thing,,,,
Roger I really do think I need some counselling after the trauma of that 4x4 buggy,,, my life will never be the same again,,,, I am finding it difficult to concentrate,,, off my beer,,, curry,,, in fact everything that a good weekend in Manchester could possibly offer.

Monday, 25 July 2016

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

If you like this sort of thing,,,, and why wouldn't you as you are looking at something rather special,,, then can I suggest you have a browse through the following website

The David Hey collection

It is absolutely jam packed with pictures like this,,,, well not as good as this obviously,,, but there are even things of interest for the Collett,, Bulleid and Stanier afficianado's [is that a dance or a green pear shaped thing that tastes like homogenised  polyfilla] and if trips down memory lane are what "floats your boat" although I much prefer "turns your table" then some of David's personal memories of being chased out of steam sheds are well worth a read as well,,, we probably met at some point in the past,,, I was "offered a seat" in Doncaster shed scrap line foremans office on more than one occasion in the early 60's.

What a magnificent picture of a Lord Faringdon earning a crust in the early 30's,,, soon to be reprised on your very own pastures at Manchester Exhibition in December,,,[ there you are,, the plug]

Why won't yesterday leave us alone,,, I'll tell you why,,, because in railway terms it was a darn sight more interesting than the current stuff,, and that go's for music, cars, aeroplanes, lorry's as well,, in fact just about everything,,, apart from pensions and dentists.

Be warned,,, you are going to be offered lots of similar shots to this one,,, so why not save my time and go and have a look at his site for yourself,,, truly wonderful pics and memories,,, where's me kleenex!!!

Lets finish with a light hearted look at a group of Swinedon trainspotters.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking!!!!!

And lets show a comparison shot of Doncaster when I was a lad!!!!
Many thanks to the David Hey Collection