Monday, 6 January 2020

Freeze Frame build of an L1

As the festive season has finished we can all now get back to some serious modelling and it has occurred to me that this series of photo's reminds me of a cartoon book present I received many years ago ,,,,, what you had to do was hold it in one hand with your thumb on the bottom corner and then slowly release pressure from your thumb and the pages slowly flicked by and you could watch a basic cartoon,,,,, well this is very similar,,, but without any book or even pages,,,

I managed to escape to the garage on a couple of festive days and got very productive,,, the first shot shows the L1 with a front axle splasher fitted,,,

the second shot shows another day's efforts which produced a right hand splasher,,,

this one goes back to the left side and another day's efforts got the left side tank fitted,,,

  and the same again with this only this as you can see is the right hand side,,,, busy busy,,,

YO Ho HO Merry Xmas and for the first time since all the tin bashing and piercing saw blade exploding started it is actually starting to look like a Zeppelin,,,, I suppose it is a sign of the times that we hard up pensioned off modellers have to provide our own gifts,,, but I have to say this is something I have always wanted,,, big,, ugly,, and in modern parlance,,, "a real mean looking dude" so thanks to Santa and please come again next year,,,[you never know it might be finished by then!!].

Apart from the modelling I have had a great time,,, surrounded by family and very close friends who drank/ate me out of house and home,, [ I wonder where they get that from???] apart from the above mentioned loco I also got a nice wooly hat,,, a 4mm modelling "snood" and some sawn off gloves so there is nothing to keep me out of the garage any more,,, and and and all the twiddly bits for the trams overheads have also arrived,,, twiddly is the word,,, it looks like I will have to purchase my own microscope to put it all together as I just cannot wait for another 12 months before I start working on the overheads,,,,   Oh and before I forget my darling wife provided me with a most suitable T shirt,,,, featuring Grumpy of snow white fame and the message,,"ti's the season to be Grumpy" and I have to say I couldn't agree more,,, [ now think thick Glaswegian accent] Sinatra could sing and Astaire could dance but,,, Walt Disney.

Will have to go as I have some files to clean and my workbench looks like it has had a visit from a Zeppelin,,, and it has,,,

Thursday, 19 December 2019

Enjoy the Festives,,, we all deserve a break from whatever.

Well this makes a refreshing change,,, I actually have some modelling to witter on about.

The L1 Zeppelin/Crab has seen a definite flurry of activity over the last week,,,,, so just take a look at this little collection!!!
The cab now has a floor plate and internal steps and is permanently fixed to the footplate.

With my chest resembling a prize fighting budgie & being so flushed with success I set about the basic shell of the firebox,,, which went rather well and so I  decided to see if all my dimensions were accurate and had a quick BluTac session to see if it all go's where it should do,,, and it does.

This modelling lark is good fun and much more productive than boring you to death with pictures borrowed from the Salmon Pastures archive.

With the buttons nearly popping on my official solderer's waistcoat I quickly set about looking at the boiler,,,, hopefully tomorrow will see another BluTac session of the complete steamy ensemble,,, firebox,,, boiler and smokebox,,,,, it would be a shame to get this far to find  I've lost/gained about 10mm from somewhere/nowhere,,, it happens,,, especially when you have the attention span of a goldfish when you are marking out the important bits,, I don't like marking out,, it reminds me too much of school and I miss those memory's like I miss toothache.

I have decided I will have to play Bix Beiderbeck more often,,, I've been swinging along to his jolly music all day and so far nothing has gone catastrophically wrong,,, and it's unlikely to now as I am about to get seriously horizontal.

Today was the end of term and "we" usually celebrate the end of term in time honoured fashion,,, it was lovely and very cooling,,, followed by a nice piece of cod and chips,,, perhaps that should have been in the last post,,, anyway as the whole world appears to be getting festive,,, I will leave you with this,,,,,, WHAT A CRACKER,,

This is Ronnie Sparks,,, aka,, The Human Firework,, when life gets too much our Ronnie has a unique way of cheering himself up,,, he gets his assistant to light up his firework suit and he then just runs and leaps around fully alight cheering not only himself but everybody else up,,,, he seems to be particularly popular round licensed premises usually after 9pm.

If you want him for your festive season merriment he lives at No 6 Fiddle Hill,, and his prices are very reasonable indeed,,,, as they say in the firework industry,, "well done Ronnie,, strike a light"

Indeed,,, I don't know why is the UK supposed to be famous for it's exce/eccend/accen/ weird people.

Sunday, 15 December 2019

Oh Happy Days,,, will we meet the Cod Army???

After our lengthy break & the serious bit of revamping, de-snailing and muscle building I am very pleased to announce that we have been invited to our first exhibition,,[fanfare of in key Souza Phones giving Gottedamerung some serious wellie],,,and as it is in May 2021 we should even be ready.

Can you guess where it is???

Will we have to discourage the tram from mating???

Can we have a group photo taken in front of a surviving concrete coaling tower???

If I knew how to produce one of those digital clock/days time counting the days to go type things then believe me I would include one but right now I am just far too busy,,, but it is about 18 months give or take a few days.

Busy,,, you 've never seen anything like it,,, The Des-Rev is already dusting off his top hat,, and is even talking about having his Pith Helmet Blanco'd and khaki shorts debagged just in case there is a high tide.

There is definite excitement in the camp,,,it must be something in the water,,,, watch this space and we will inform you  of any progress,,, shortcomings or cat-as-trophes.
[Now where did I put my Road Atlas driving gloves and anti-squitter lotion???]

Monday, 9 December 2019

The Salmon Pastures DI-DO.

Here it is in all it's glory [loud fanfare of slightly out of key trumpets]
"The Salmon Pastures DI-DO"

A stunning little train and all part of our slavish adherence to accuracy!!

The workers chosen mode of transport in the 1930's & a trend started by our colleague's at Annesley to assist getting all the workers in on time and then after a hard days shedding getting them all home again,,, the thing was of course is that the workers had no real control over what time the train would leave,,, clever,,, an early 20th century twist on "flexitime".

Why did they call it the DI-DO you may well ask,,, Day In - Day Out,,, 365 days a year.
Now down here on the pastures we offer even more than they ever did in Nottinghamshire,,, we give them "Lunch" as well.

We were going to rename it to suitably reflect this vastly improved service but in the interests of accuracy thought we had better leave it as it was,,, plus in these enlightened times we certainly do not want to offend any sensibilities.

Crickey, STOP PRESS,,, I think I can see this winters first flakes of snow.

If I am not mistaken the coach is a pre-production model of a quite exotic and soon to be released  range of MUlti-PurPosE TrainS coming shortly to a very serious dealer near you.

The cost of modelling and rising overheads!!

Yo Ho Ho,,, it's a festive play on words!!!

and before we start don't worry about the lack of verticality or right angularness of the perpendiculars,, then just relax as they are NOT properly mounted yet,, [ho ho as if anybody would bother to offer any constructive comment,,,, when all they are doing is sitting waiting for me to install a big thumbs up button!!!]

Went with "westerner" to the Peterboro show yesterday,,,,mmm,,, not so much a model railway exhibition as a model railway trade fair with a few guesting working layout,,,, but the good news was I managed to get most of the bits for installing the overhead system for the tram.

So dear followers the end of the Solar Powered tram system draws ever closer,,, mind you if this overhead game turns out to be as fiddly as it looks we may yet revert to the solar system,,,, just don't tell the purists.

Talking of purists we have been heartily entertained by all the froth,, shock, anger and awe related to the forthcoming generic short wheelbase coaches,,,, what is the problem??? back in the days of yore everybody and his brother was cutting up Triang clerestories to make all manner of generic nightmares,,, and just to prove the point take a look at this little gem!!!

Here is something else I really should get round to finishing,,, but will I  ?? because very soon I can go and splash just 40 or 50 squidly's on something just about as accurate,, albeit with a roof,,,, but dear followers  the reality is a very definitely YES,,, it will be finished. [eventually]   

I cannot measure the monetary value of all the fun and damage I can have by dervishly wielding my Exacto brain surgeons saw for a couple of hours,, it  far outweighs the £50 I could be giving to some organisation who don't care if it is accurate or not as they just want to swell the corporate coffers.

I can save myself some hard pensioned dosh and have all the fun of achieving a similar result,,, it's a no brainer really,, mind you I might change my mind when they eventually appear and turn out to be a comprehensive range of veritable little crackers!!

I tossed my horsehair shirt into the bin around the same time I decided buying a couple of cwt's of Viagra would,,for me,, be a complete waste of time and effort,,,, 
I do this modelling lark to enjoy myself,, even have fun,, not keep the rivet counters fully energised,,, and if people enjoy desecrating old Triang banana-esque carriages then good on em,,,, and if collecting slightly suspect coaching stock releases their endomorphins then long may they continue to enjoy themselves.

By the way,, I counted all my rivets the other day and I still have 17,,, and they are still hiding in the same tin they were in the last time I counted them,, which must have been in the last millenium!!!  Oh Happy Days!!! 

Saturday, 7 December 2019


Don't get too excited I just happen to be on an emotional high.
Have had a good couple of days on the Zeppelin and thought I would share the renewed enthusiasm.

As mentioned previously it can now propel itself up and down the track and this is the progress to date on the body,,, cab, bunker and tanks all cut out and sitting on the chassis.
It is only blue-tacked in place at the moment but it is giving me a pretty good idea how accurate my marking out was,,, conclusion being it is workable but needs a bit of fine tuning.

Now it is coming together it has dawned on me just how BIG these things were!!! Massive.
Not to mention they were apparently the first 2-6-4 tanks to be put into service on UK main lines.
Another first for the G.C.R.

Have also spent a few minutes looking through the instruction manual on my digital box brownie,,, much better pics than previously and good enough to show what progress is being made.
Have just realised you don't need to get them developed either!!! Keep that quiet though before somebody decides it's a good idea to start taxing digital photo's

Read the instuction manual!!!! first time ever,,, but I might give it another go in a few years and see if I can improve the quality even further.

What value for money,,, 3 posts in 5 days!!! [[This should spike the Squitters Guns.]]

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

The Wanderer returns!!!!

Just look who is back,,,, Lizzie our very own working elephant,,,,
After various attempts to find her in the plethora of cardboard boxes she reappeared this morning and it transpires she had been hiding amongst a load of wagon kits I had taken with me on my recent travels,,, it's good to have her back,,, it just was not the same without her,,,, doubtless the more eagle eyed will also notice the reworking of suicide corner!!!! Still a work in progress but nearly finished.

And just to prove how active we have been here is another couple of shots of the new home!!!
[note to editor,,, digital camera's work much better if the memory chip is not FULL]
This is a part of the current build line as mentioned in yesterdays post!!! N5, Q7, Zeppelin, J3 and don't even ask what is lurking in the doorway of the works building,,, it is a commissioned K's kit,,, that actually works,,, and it has a genuine glued together K's motor,, yo ho,, those were the days!!

Where was I,,?? oh yes,, the new home,,, this is a shot of the workshop end of the garage,,,

basically it is where I attempt to solder my blistered fingers to the workbench and drop Stanley knives onto my laden flipflops!!!!! 

I can't promise the posts are going to appear on a daily basis,,, but,,, as mentioned the Norfolk Squitters did have a bit of a go about the lack of blogging of late,,, and who am I to argue!!!! 
I just make the tea once every 3 weeks.

PS: haven't got any pictures yet,,, BUT,,, after todays efforts the Zeppelin now has a set of pickups and it has successfully propelled itself from the fiddle yard into the shed!!!!
A proud moment in any fledgling loco's life!!!