Sunday, 17 May 2015

Ely,,, what a lovely place and great exhibition.

What a lovely place,,, great exhibition,,, friendly people,,, cracking selection of beer's and picturesque in the extreme,,,, in short we had a wonderful time this weekend.

No major problems except yours truly forgetting to put quite an important piece of track in place before installing the trams,,,, end result,,, a rather pronounced CLUNK when we tried to run from the fiddle yard onto the main layout,,,, more haste less speed and all that.

We knew were in for a good weekend when David read the 2 page "exhibitors guide" on the journey down there,,, of the 2 pages of guidance 75% of it was where the decent hostelry's are,,, now that is what we call useful information,,, and it was used with good effect,,,, a half decent pepper steak with all the trimmings for £9.95 was a real bonus,,,, value for money in the extreme.

We arrived on the Friday afternoon and were surrounded by willing people offering to help carry our goods and chattels into the hall,,, no wonder we were up and running in record time.

Some exhibitions just feel right and Ely is definitely one of them,,, I can also now put a face to the name of Jonathan Weallens from the LNER forums,,, we have exchanged notes on several occasions but it is much nicer to chat in person,, he also graced the pastures with a lovely Sentinel steam railcar which ran beautifully,,, now there's another job on the hit list,,, rebuild the sentinel!!!! In comparison mine is rough in the extreme.

Have checked the stats page again and we are still attracting "all sorts" of followers from Russia,,, I curiously returned the compliment to see what the downtown Moscow clubrooms look like and got a bit of a shock,,,, they had some lovely blonde models who were in very relaxed mode,,, in fact most of them were horizontal,,, and to be honest I'm surprised they get time to do any modelling what with polishing all that leather and oiling all those chains etc etc.