Thursday, 26 September 2013

We are off on our travels in about 12 hours!!!

We know where we're going and we know who's coming with us!!!! Can't remember who sang it but it is most appropriate.

Yes after yet another typical SAD last minute scramble the D9 will be joining us at Barrow Hill,,, not only that but Valour will be appearing in workshop grey as well.

The D9 photo above was taken about 10 minutes ago and the decalfix is still wet,,, I could say it had just run through the water troughs but that would be a big fib,, but it will be treading the boards with us!!! Yippeee.

I know we are supposed to be celebrating Doncaster but the required level of Gortonaura is just as important!!!

Valour as well,,,, cripes this is like copping 3 streaks on the same day,,, bloomin heck Valour making an exhibition of itself after all these years now that is quite an occasion co's I started the bloomin thing in Jeddah Saudi Arabia in 1982,,, I don't like to rush things!!!!
Lets crack the jubbly,,, well maybe not,, we don't need to the beer in Chesterfield is more than adequate.

Come along and join us,,, we are dead easy to find just listen for the giggling,, we really don't take it that seriously,, we usually have much more fun than the paying public,,,especially in the evenings!!!

Oh and the CLOP is also being tested on average Jo for the first time,,,, now that should be fun.


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