Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Dusty Hair!!!! [I wish!!]

Well after the lord mayors show we can all get back to normal.
How did it go,,,,,, well not unexpectedly some good bits and some not so good bits.

The not so good bits:
The hire van was less than reliable,,, it packed up an hour before we got there on the Friday afternoon which created problems we didn't need and just to even things up it packed up on the way home about an hour away from a much wanted bed.

This is the first time I have ever stayed at a hotel that could not produce a cooked breakfast for the 30 or so hungry railway exhibitors on a Sunday morning,,, either the chef had done a bunk or was just playing hard to get,,, the poor old night watchman who was taking all the flack put on a very brave and apologetic face,,,
"never mind mate said one of the lads from Scarborough we'll have cornflakes instead" a unanimous YES ran round the room,,, the night porter ran off to arrange copious quantities of cornflakes,,,,,,,,, only to return a couple of seconds later with an update,,,, "sorry guy's but we haven't got any milk either"!!!!!
Barrow Hill 2013 provided another first for the Salmon Pastures Crew,,, Beans on Toast for breakfast!!

And while we are moaning about the IBIS Hotel I need to mention that the lift is either clockwork or is powered by a 3 legged gerbil running round in a wheel,,, it is the slowest lift I have every been in,,, I now feel much better.

We knew before we got there that the atmosphere was going to be different,,, we didn't know different also meant caustic!!! to be fair we knew we were going to be in a railway workshop and should have expected a bit of dust,, we were not disappointed in this respect it was VERY dusty,, but I am concerned that we now have black chemical blobs on the track which are still there after you have rubbed them with emery paper!!!

The good bits:
I had friends coming out of the woodwork to come and see us,,, I hadn't seen Bob Meanley since 1977,,, it was that sort of show it attracted people,,,

Messr's Atlantic 3279 and 2750 from the LNER encyclopedia duly arrived with some wonderful models to enhance the Doncaster 160 theme,, see the picture above,,, and the picture below both taken by 2750 Tom!! his photography is as good as his weathering!!!!  Graeme and Tom,,, many thanks for your rather special assistance.

Richard and Fiona good friends from way back also arrived to offer support, and thanks to them.

For 2 days I had lunch, and an afternoon break in the company of Mallard,, by walking less than 25 yards from my own railway I could look down on a masterpiece of British engineering,,, and it put a smile on my face on each occasion,,,, and if that wasn't enough I could trek a full 50 yards and gaze into the cab of Butler Henderson,,, mmm,,, in lower moments I muse that all we seem to be good at these days is producing feral youth and massive deficits.

I had forgotten how big the Deltics were,,, in the Deltic Shed there were maybe 6 or 7 spare Napier engines and one had the end casing removed giving an idea of just how complicated the engineering on these beasts was,, 3 banks of 6 cylinders all using the same crankshaft,,, those were the days,,, but I feel a little cheated that not one of them started up for the occasion,,, for me celebrating Doncaster without a Deltic grumbling away in the background was an opportunity lost.

We had a Thai meal on the Friday evening which was absolutely wonderful,,, it certainly make up for the lack of breakfast on the Sunday morning,,, and to wash the dust from our throats we found an excellent traditional English Boozer  the Royal Oak,,,, no TV screens,,, a quiet corner and we laughed away the frustrations of the day,,, and thankfully we were not surrounded by people who had been in there all day,, unlike Weatherspoons!!! where we had 2 women sat on the table behind us who were literally screaming at each other in an effort to make themselves heard,,over each other,,,,so it was a quick one and leave, I don't care how cheap it is!

For me Scarborough was famous for 2 things,,, a decent pint and great fish and chips,,,, it is now famous for 3 things,,, lunatic railway modellers who play there own hybrid version of pool with a bush tucker challenge thrown in for good measure,,, thanks for the mamories guy's everyone enjoys a good laugh and I will never forget Geoff 's somewhat special cue action as long as I live,,,, wonderful.
Ah well it is done,,, all over,,, and all I have to do now is brush off all the caustic dust and start planning for Tonbridge,,,[ Feb 15th 2014 at the Angel Centre]
 I ENJOYED, it could have been "cleaner",, but the assistance with track cleaning was wonderful,, thanks to Alan and Paul and didn't Mallard Shine in that glorious autumnal sunshine!!!!!! Oh Happy Days!!

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