Thursday, 31 October 2013

Weight & see!!

This is a picture of a Great Central weighbridge office,,, and I am fascinated by the bow topped window,, typical GCR why put a rectangular window in their when with a bit more effort you can really add to the structure by giving it something a little bit different.

I don't need a weighbridge on the layout but I have had planned for sometime to give the engine shed a proper entrance and so I have taken the basic dimensions from this one and decided to add a mirror image to it with an entrance passage in between.

It helped when looking through one of my many railway books to find a drawing "with dimensions" of the above building so many thanks to Mr John Brodribb for his enlightened LNER Country Stations published by Ian Allan books.

Where is it going to go,,, well I have noticed at the last few exhibitions I have been to that everybody and his brother has the Ratio grounded coach body as a "workmens bothy" [that might be an Iain Rice-ism,,,well that's what he calls them ] and whilst mine has been gracing centre stage for approaching 20 years I have decided to retire it to exit stage left which will allow me to refresh the front aspect of the layout.

I have the shell already made in foam board, the first time I have used this medium and so far I cannot decide if I like it or not,,, when I have made a decision I will either finish it or start again in my usual Plastikard.

Thought you all deserved an update as I was horrified to see it is nearly a month since I last blogged,,,, thankfully we are now all feeling fully refreshed after washing all the Barrow Hill dust away and this is a nice little project which I can get on with in the warmth of the office without having to don my cold weather gear and venture up't shed.

Soon be Xmas,,, & I wonder what Mr Hornby will be announcing for a very prolonged/delayed delivery this time round!!!!

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