Thursday, 8 August 2013

We are still here.

As way of an apology I thought I had better do something so I changed the backdrop picture,,, yet another from Alan "Hasselblad-Westerner" Davies extensive collection,,,, [he's Welsh,,, which answers all sorts of questions!!]

I've not forgotten the blog but I've been so busy getting things ready for Barrow Hill,,, it's only 7 weeks tomorrow and we'll be sat in the hostelry of choice, and probably nearest to the digs, priming ourselves to enjoy the 160th anniversary of  Doncaster.

I understand at least one A4 will be in attendance and I'll be taking my gas mask just in case they decide to crank up a Deltic for the first time since goodness knows when,,, but it's worth it,,, the noise they make [if you survive the start up] is life changing and it's guaranteed to make the hairs on your wotsits sit up,,, just like a Merlin at full chat but definitely more industrial.

As an update on why I haven't had time to blogsyerheartout,, well since I last pressed the keys with serious intent we have,,

Primed: J52, F1, C13, Highflyer, J11 D9 and Valour,,, am hoping to get them all finished, well presentable to the average Po Jublic but you may have to bear with me on some of that.

I've also got  a full A4 sheet of Hit List that needs attending to before we tread the boards once again.

Have also heard from the WEbbens who said,," weeeetreeee whip whip beep" which is digital for the CLOP is almost ready,,, now ready to you and Luddite me may be slightly variable to what the WEbbens see's as ready but as he is going to be in attendance as well if it dosen't work we can publicly humiliate him anyway.

Enough already it's well past my bed time.

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