Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Sink Plunger Strikes Again.

Well we all survived the Chelmsford do last weekend and what an exhibition it was.
Have done quite a few exhibitions over the years and I have NEVER experienced:
1, Before we had got out of the van some smiling gent called Andy insisted on helping us get all our gear into the hall!!!
Not only was he helpful but he appreared to be enjoying himself.

2, Smiling Andy departed to help someone else and then another gent appeared asking if we needed any assistance,,, and when it came to putting up the light box his assistance was invaluable.

3, FREE TEA all day!!!! [for residents of the pastures & it's humanoid operators that is a quite considerable investment!!!]

4, The Operators free SPAGBOL on the Saturday was wonderful,,, my only gripe would have to be there was about 3 times more than I could finish in the half hour allowed.

What a lovely club Chelmsford appear to have,,, loads of quality trade stands,, [luckily I was too busy to spend any dosh] loads of nice layouts & everyone appeared to be having a good time.

Our old friend Sink Plunger appeared with his fistful of cinematice wizardry and his efforts are well worth a look on YouTube,, just pump in Chelmsford Exhibition 2012 and you'll see what I mean.

Thanks to:
DTO for getting the great unwashed to Chelmsford.
Hasselblad for swanning all day in his inimitable fashion.
Druid Mike,,, be advised,,, for the first hour your expression appeared to be somewhere between panic and terrified,,,by 2.30pm you appeared to be enjoying yourself.
Mr Josh,,, I did notice the GWR Psychic B or whatever it was that you slipped onto the quiet end of the shed,,, as Herr Flick advised on frequent occasions,,, "Zer Vill be REPRIZALS".
AndyB,, the bed was warm although we could have done with being in it a bit longer, your choice of hostelry was excellent, and you have not lost your touch at humping on a Friday afternoon,,, very impressive,, especially after all these years!!!
Alan Davies the Chelmsford Exhibition Manager,,, Alan a wonderful day out,, organised to perfection and we all had a great time,, ti's a pity you cannot convince your chums to do a 2 day bash,, as these good 1 day shows are over too quickly.

Many thanks to all from SAD & Salmon Pastures.

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