Wednesday, 3 October 2012

EXCLUSIVE Shock-Gasp-Horror Mr Murdoch's at it again.

As mentioned in an earlier blog what we have in this picture is what with a casual glance may appear to be quite a normal scene of everyday life here at the pastures.


This scene is far from normal and the intrigue is such that it can only be a matter of time before the RedTop Sunday excuses for journalists get a hold of this sordid little tale.

Two young mums pushing their dearest down Citadel Hill to do a bit of shopping to get something for tea,,, tripe and onions is a favourite or perhaps a nice 4 penneth of brisket,,[ho ho those were the days!!]

Coming up the hill is Mr Murdoch [the local hyperactive lothario] with one of his multitudinous offspring,,, just met at the tramstop opposite the shops.

Now the intrigue is that there are 3 children in this shot and Mr Murdoch is the biological father of all of them!!,,not to mention neither of the 2 mums realise that he is the father of the other's child.

He's a very busy boy this Mr Murdoch,,, and is there any wonder he is trying to interest his young son in anything rather than making eye contact with either of his two previous conquests,,, as if an 8 year old would be interested in bespoke hand made furniture.

There's more than meets the eye for the residents of Salmon Pastures,,, come and see us in all our sordid detail at Chelmsford on October 20th,,, you won't be disappointed,, and if you are it's too late as you will have already paid!!!

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Keep on modelling!