Sunday, 14 October 2012

A milk bottle is born!!!

As mentioned earlier this could well be the last blog before the Chelmsford bash this coming Saturday,,, see the last blog for the full address and date,, " sorry but I'm far too busy to include in this one"

Glad tidings are abounding,,, after 4 attempts, I repeat 4 attempts we have produced a passing excuse of a 4mm scale single milk bottle & it will be on full show at Chelmsford so all you lot have to do is find it!!! I'll give you a quick clue as your starter for ten and advise that it is full and upright!!!

I'd love to tell you what the successful formula for 4mm scale milk bottle production is but if I did Mr Yin in Hangzhou or wherever would be producing them in their millions by this time tomorrow so I won't.

But,, it isn't a cocktail stick,,, they break when you put them in the lathe and it isn't plastic rod as they turn into wet noodles when you try shaping them in a lathe,,, so you work it out.

The picture!!!!! what a cracker,,, another Sheffield shot of a Victorian school in the heart of the steel works,,, I wish I had gone there,, they must have had great fun climbing up that steel works water tower every break time,, & impossible to think of a finer example of co-operation between industry and collegiate life than building a water tower in a school playground,,, this was possibly how adventure playgrounds got started.

I remember school,, free milk,, & that semi-permanent sensation of stinging nettles on the back of my legs and knuckles,,, I really loved school,,, apart from the teachers and lessons,, but I have to admit I always preferred the summer holidays and away days with my Ian Allan bible,, now that was serious religious studies!!

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