Sunday, 30 September 2012

Whatever happened to Arthur Scargill !!

You may well ask,,, is he still with us or has he gone off on yet another wild eyed Maggie Hunt,, I have to say some 30 odd years later what he was getting so upset about turned out to be quite true but his methods left a bit to be desired. He made Ghengis look like a moderate, [I won't mention the racing combover & frothing at the mouth oratory!!] He never seemed to work out that nobody south of Sherwood Forest either cared or had the faintest idea of what he was getting so upset about as most of the pits were north of the Trent anyway,,, except Wales of course,, and dealing with them made it a balanced situation as he understood them as well as they understood him.

Now I am not a political animal,,, strategically juxtapositioned somewhere between Screaming Lord Sutch,,, [whatever happened to him as well] and Jeremy Thorpe [deceased I think,, he of the homburg and slightly unnerving smile,,, especially if you were a labrador!!] but the reason I am pondering on our Arthur is I have spent the past 10 days lathering certain area's of the pastures with coal dust,, I got so carried away I realise I now even smell like Orgreave,, and shock gasp horror,, guess what they are now starting to open cast coal again in Northumberland,, "whyeyemon let's get back doon the Bladon Races & git blathered on Newky Broon" and all that.
So we can all sleep soundly in our beds knowing that anyone else who wants to lather his engine shed in 4mm finescale coal dust will be able to do it with good old English Coal and not have to use inferior continental burning dust from Poland or wherever,,, perhaps that's where Arthur ended up,,, there's no end of coal in Poland for him to get excited about & perhaps they actually understand what he is ranting on about,, unlike them south of the Notts Leics border.

My great grandfather was a coal miner in Nottinghamshire,,, I don't know if he is in the picture,,, but if he is I hope he is either the one playing an Al Jolson number on his spade or the fella sitting next to him who has obviously secreted a flagon of something saucy down there,,, just to help him through the quieter moments,, and it's obviously strong stuff as his moustache has fallen off!!! It really is worth clicking on this picture to get it at full size,,, they might have been dirty but my god they were happy!! and I want a tash like the fella 3rd from the left,,,, I bet he played a Soozaphone in his spare time!!

Whatever you do don't forget Chelmsford 20th October,,, I won't try regailing them with tales of my coal mining heritage!!
"What did he say Daphne??"

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