Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Paint yer wagon!!!! Lee Marvin eat yer-heart out.

Ha ha,, the thought of Lee Marvin singing his Stanley Knife music round the backstreets of Sheffield has stimulated my imagination considerably,,, "I was born under an empty pint pot" or "I was born under our back stairs" perhaps,,, WHO needs Lee anyway,,, what's important is that the wagon is acutally painted!!!,,, I read an article in some old magazine extolling the virtues of painting plastic in acrylics!!!!! now I've tried,,,
I have to say "virtues" is not a word that springs to mind!!!! I've got some of them acrylics I thought,,, now then where did I put them,,, 40 minutes later and choking on about 3cwt of cobwebs that accompanied the Master Class Acrylic Paint set and easel I decided to give it a go!!!! Ultramarine Blue,,, that sounds nice and nautical,,, just what I want for a bit of light relief against the backdrop of murky streets and a smoke laden atmosphere,,, YES aquamarine will do fine!!! So I donned my beret,, and waited for the right type of light,, Ah there it is let's get the first coat on,,, now the accompanying literature with the paint set which really should be called "Noddy's guide for acrylic numpty's" advised that the neat paint would need thinning down a bit,,, so out comes the plastic pipette complete with diluted cobwebs and we thin it down a bit,,, I then noticed the paint was hiding in one corner of my round mixing pot and the thining agent was swashing about all round it but there appeared to be some form of genetic disorder in that they were very reluctant to mix!!!! After several attempts there was some cooperation from the paint and joy of joy's when transferring it from the mixing pot to the plastic wagon body it had second thoughts and the paint wanted to hide at one end of the body while the mixing agent was happy to splosh anywhere and everywhere except into the area's where the blue acrylic was lurking!!!! Perhaps I do need Lee Marvin crooning away in the background I was beginning to muse after the 4th coat,,, anyway never admit defeat,, after some timely assistance from Mr Humbrol and his tinnie pals I offer a picture of the finished article!!! Surprisingly I'm quite happy with it,,, but the next time I do one I'll leave Noddy and his pals to prat around with the acrylics on plastic,,, I'll be staying firmly in the humbrol camp. Anyway enough of all this modelling twaddle,,, don't forget we are really looking forward to the Chelmsford Bash,,, 20th October just look for the baldies having a good time. Please make yourself/selves known and you could win the Polo!!!

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