Thursday, 6 September 2012

Don't time fly !!!!

Just look at this we are nearly a quarter of the way through September and not a blog to be seen,,,,, but don't time fly when your bashing your head against a brick wall,,, and that lovely semi-conscious feeling and jibbering smile when you stop. What's the picture all about,,, well if you look closely you will see not only were we at the Great Dorset Steam Fair again,,, it's not an event it's an annual pilgrimage,,, but that is Winston Churchill in the background being pulled on and off,,,, it's trailer,,,, about every 2 hours. The Wednesday was a complete washout,,, the organisers stopped all movements of anything,, but one,, cars and caravans were sliding down hills at 45 degrees to each other,,, great fun,,, the somewhat soggy Dorset Constabulary were turning people away with gay abandon,,, 25 tonnes of groaning Burrells were making lovely trenches in somebody's corn field and the only movements that were allowed were pedestrians into the largest beer tent in Europe!!! and there were lots of them,,, all happy most soggy, damp, some were even moist,, perhaps nothing to do with the inclement weather but more related to my over active imagination. A sing song ensued,, the Garrett supporters trying to out do the Fowler types and everyone completely ignoring the usual bunch of Swinedon supporters with their manchy top hats and pewter tankards dangling from their waistcoat belts,,, wittering on about the benefits of 7' as against 4'8n half" Oh get a life will yer,,, yer curdling me beer. Anyway don't lets forget October the 20th where we will be strutting the Chelmsford boards just for a change,,, I'm looking forward to this one,,,, as I'm stopping with an old RAF Germany calling colleague from circa 1968-70. HO HO there be no blogging after that weekend for a bit. Enjoy,, and if you'd like to make yourself known you could win the Polo,,,, if you like mints that is.

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