Sunday, 5 August 2012

Mr Brunel and his ilk!!!!

We've had quite an exciting time at the pastures,,,, the opening ceremony of the olympics didn't go unnoticed,,, perhaps not unexpectedly the GWR and all the disciples of Swinedon got some popular actor to dress up as IKB and hold court of the proceedings,,, they just can't help themselves can they!!!! Mind you the next bit with all them smokey chimneys and forging driving wheels 12 feet above the audience was much more aligned to what we see as entertainment here at the pastures,,, very impressive,,, and just think we used to be good at that sort of thing 7 days a week,,, not at some once in a lifetime sporting occasion!!!! Mind you I bet the H&S stormtroopers had a field day with that little lot. Anyway whilst rambling on things western I had the pleasure of helping Mr Josh Courtney on his GWR Potterbourne layout at the Southwold show yesterday,, you wouldn't have recognised me,, but I did find operating his layout with a paper bag on my head somewhat claustrauphobic and not conducive to smooth shunting,,, a thoroughly enjoyable day,,, and nothing to do with watching intently on what was going on in The Gresley Beats fiddle yard which was about 3 feet away. Then it suddenly occured to me that if someone could trap the aroma of a good vindaloo based cow pat in an aerosol can they could make a fortune selling it to GWR exhibition layouts,,, to add to the overall bucolic haze they could spray it all around just to add to the rustic pleasures of life they all seem to be addicted to,,, Mr Gaugemaster,,, if your reading I want 10% of the annual profits!!! And before the GWR society legal department start drowning me in writs pointing out that bucolic actually refers to sheep not cows then all I can say is GET A LIFE!!! Hopefully see you at the Chelmsford bash,,, don't forget Oct 20th!!! No paper bags required for that one!!

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