Monday, 24 September 2012

Oh Happy Days!!!!

It could be me,,, it isn't but it could be,,, what a classic photo of your archetypal late 50's early 60's trainspotter!!! Short trousers, long socks, a school tank top jumper and school tie and your Mum always insisted you took a coat with you "just in case it rains" and it usually did not that I ever bothered to put my coat on I was always too busy!!! And the hair style says it all,,, the only thing missing is the pudding basin!!! I do hope he realises the shed foreman is lurking behind the tender of that Riddles Pacific,,, ha ha how the memories come flooding back. During the summer holidays I had an ongoing battle with some miserable old git who worked in Doncaster Crimpsall Works,,, thinking about it he can't have done much work as he always seemed hell bent on ruining the collegiate fun of yours truly and his ilk,,, I learnt most of my early swear words from him,,, if only he knew what he was responsible for. Seems a waste not to mention the Chelmsford Bash on October 20th,, we have a team of 4 wandering minstrels assisting on this one,,, A suvvern git,, & 3 disciples of Swinedon [GULP] comprising of 2 retired Welsh Wizards and a genuine prodigal Isambard,,, how did I get involved with that little lot,,ah well needs must and I have to admit at the Sheffield Bash in 2009 not only did we tolerate each other but we had copious quantities of fun as well. [and the very occasional bout of serious refreshments!!!] Come along and join in,,, we have lot's of new bits to show you.

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