Sunday, 9 September 2012

The Owl and the Pussycat

Now if you have time to scan around this pic you will find another blip into my murky past. In the close vacinity of the "Gents" [thats the cast iron green thing, complete with blocked drain far left of the picture] we have 2 members of Her Majesties "Royal Air Farce", a comedy act close to my heart. Feeling fully relieved is an officer of at least Air Rank,,, [he's got scrambled egg on is 'at] In need of relief is a Senior Aircraftsman [probably photographer] about to do the needful. Now the interesting thing is the Air Commodore [or whatever] is on his wife's pushbike,,, and the SAC is in a brand new Morris 8 tourer!!!!! Ha ha ha,,, you don't get such social discrepencies in real life,,, but when you're building your own world you can do what you like. Don't get me going on the Paralympics,,, I feel embarrassed to be able bodied!!! How do they do that!!!

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