Thursday, 20 December 2012

They cannot be serious!!!!

If you get bored with scanning through all my drivel just click on the link below and you will discover that Salmon Pastures is not only a figment of my imagination but a REAL place!!!!! and having viewed this website the only things that are missing are cows [and there movements] bearded dons with sandals and leather elbow protectors from somewhere around Didcot applying flock through butterfly nets to anything that is not bolted down,,, push off will yer!! Your raising the tone of the whole place considerably.   [I'd like to see what there stats are!!]

Now another rather creepy fact is that my great aunt Suzie, who I do remember as a child,, she used to live in a bed in my grandmothers front room!!! those were the days,,, she was well into her 90's at the time,, all wrinkles,,clicking false teeth and the all pervading aroma of mothballs,, was,, in an earlier life the headmistress of a Junior School in Sheffield,,, yes you all know what's coming,,,, Salmon Pastures School,,, now I didn't discover this until a conversation with my sister about 4 years after I started building the pastures we all know and love,,, mmm,,, strange,,, very strange.

From the website map if you scan up a bit you will see Carlisle Street,,, now most of my beloved black and white pictures of steelworks and pubs especially The Corner Pin are based in this area.

I wonder what they used to make in there!!! and nothing happened unless 95% of the workforce were smoking a Park Drive Cigarette,, My God they stank,,, the French and their Camel Dung Gitanes jobbies had nothing on a Park Drive,,,yes it's another from  Carlisle Street,, notice the absence of graffitti,,, nobody round there can write,,,,I just thought you'd like a bit of background info on what get's me up at 4.30am unable to sleep,,, it must be the excitement of Xmas and wondering if the 2nd O4 I got from Mr Hattons at a knock down price in October really will be delivered on Tuesday Morning!!!! I JUST CAN'T WAIT,, and by the way,,,the O4 runs beautifully!!

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