Friday, 21 December 2012

MAYANSwer is,,,, it ain't going to happen!!!

Not wanting to offend any tribal Mexican or Guatemalan railway buff's [as in afficianado's,,,  not the working loin cloth's and banana leaf flipflops variety] but I am just a tad sceptical about us all falling into the abyss at around 11mins past 11 tomorrow morning,,,


  1. Well I haven't been paid yet and experience leads me to believe that if we are all going to come to an unexpected end then I for one know as sure as eggs are ovoid that it will only happen whilst I am still heavily into the positives on the banking front,,, I'm just not that lucky or a "banker-w".
  2. The missus won't have walked the dog by 11 mins past 11 and as the dog seems to sense all manner of strange happenings especially related to when that denizen of daily news,,, the postman,,, is about to arrive and he's never here before 11.30 earliest.
  3. Are we really to believe the great creator  would allow it all to go pear shaped 4 days before the biggest shopping festival of the year,,, and and and,,, when our old pal Max Clifford is unfortunately otherwise engaged!!!
It just dosen't make any sense.

On the other hand,,,, if the Mayans are cannier lads than we've been led to believe then I'll be the first to remove my coconut shell hat,,, push an old chicken bone through my epiglotis and set off down the old Aboriginal trails chewing smoked caterpillars in total admiration of their superior knowledge.

I've thoroughly enjoyed it all,,, especially the railway bits,,, I have a few regrets like why nobody leaves a comment,,, but perhaps that's all part of the master plan,,,, we will all know soon enough!!!

I leave you with a picture of 2 members of the Mayan "End of the World as we know it" organising committee having been informed that signed up members for the hideously expensive 1 way return ticket from New York State alone has topped the 2 million mark!!!!

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