Sunday, 9 December 2012

Statistics,,, just thought I'd let you know.

Some pictures just don't need an explanation and this has to be one of them,,,,, it's from Australia,,, where else.

Now I could bore you with tales of a gentleman's social club I was once a very active member of but I'd better not,,, due to the fact that if anybody though it distasteful I probably could not attract the attention of Max Clifford should I need his assistance,,, THANK YOU for that whoever you are.

I am now considering the fact that their probably is a god.

Now the real reason for this edition is that I have just discovered the statistics page,,,, and I can confirm we are now global,,, we have viewers all over the world,,, say something please,,, leave a comment even if it isn't in English and I don't understand it,,, a comment is a comment,,, never mind the significance,, we get measured on these things!!

Now I don't know why but we appear to be popular in Israel,,, which is a bit of a shock somewhat for someone who has spent the best part of 25 years working on the Arabian Peninsula!!!!

It also strikes me that as we now need to get the ratings up I might have to make the pictures a bit more,,,mmm,,, shall we agree on saucy!!!!
Whilst the miners and steelworkers of south Yorkshire are very enlightening to me I'm afraid they are just not attracting the 1000's of strikes we need,,,,, ONLY JOKING,,, but perhaps you'll get an idea of where I'm coming from with the last pic for today's edition.

Now I know exactly where this is,,, it's not far from Sheffield's Comedy Playhouse [also known as Hillsborough]-[ and don't even try to get me going on what's happening or not happening there at the present moment in time!!!] anyway Hendersons Relish,,,it's a peculiarly special thing for Sheffield,,, don't ask me why,,, we were recently living in Huddersfield which is only 23 miles away and they had never heard of it,,,and on a good day when they are "concocting" the stuff the aroma is unbelievable,,, it also cleans alloy wheels very effectively,,ha ha only joking Mr Henderson!!!!

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