Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Posh soldered my X Factor brake shoes back to front!!

She didn't really but I am advised by our IT man if you get "posh" or "XMAS or X-Factor" into your heading your stats should rocket,,,, trust me if it dosen't work he'll get a rocket. [told you we were going to spice it all up,, ho ho lets get festive,, and having now seen her for the first time in her work clothes I will concede she really does brush up quite well,,, nice one missus,,,]

Not easy welding,,, all that argon and spurious gases and flashing blue lights,,, I do hope she realises she's not still on stage.

If it all go's wrong I'll plead political asylum & come down with an instant case of the Azzerbijohn Syndromes which manifested itself last night up't shed  whilst soldering brake shoes together for the D9,,, now the angle of dangle of the shoes is quite critical for the desired effect and after drilling a couple of tiny holes in my trusty bit of ply for an instant jig I was really quite please with myself,,,, what I thought would be a couple of hours job turned into just over 20 minutes,, ha ha wrong,,, not only is the desired angle critical but so is the fact that they are left and right handed,, and as the only other solution to maximising the recently jigged 4x left handed brake shoes was to build it as a monorail D9 express freight engine I immediately fell down the 1 hour 20 mins snake after earlier shooting up the 20 minute ladder,,, more haste less speed I think,,, perhaps that's the one downside of enjoyable scratch building,,, you have to make the instruction sheet up as you go along,, but believe me when I say my virtual exploded dimensional  drawings in the back of my head are to die for!!!! Everything fits exactly where I want it,,, eventually!!

For all you Lloyds certified types out there who are itching to advise the above is grinding not welding,,, well,,, as we all know the female of the species is very adept at multitasking and she is cleaning up the edges before she welds them together,,, which is why she's got her welders helmet on,,,, if not perhaps she does a bit of bull fighting in her spare time,,, 

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