Friday, 21 December 2012

Guatemala Central late train announcement.

Guatamala State Radio announced this morning that the 11.11am train from platform 3 to oblivion was unfortunately delayed due to the wrong type of volcanic ash on the line.

The Transportation Minister apologised for any inconvenience caused and also announced the majority of special flights from the eastern seaboard of the USA had landed safely where passengers were quickly seen through customs and on paying their $3250 immigration fee were then allowed to make the necessary arrangements for their return flights home.

Beckstein G Hamelnocka from Wheezeville North Carolina was arrested at the airport for being found in possession of a copy of Gideons Bible and language likely to endager life or cause a breach of the peace.

Cor that was close,,, I'm glad it's all over,,, I really did think for a minute that it was time to meet my maker, at least I can now get back up't shed and carry on completing Valour.

Oh and Merry Xmas to all our readers.
[that's as festive as we get here on the pastures]

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