Friday, 31 October 2014

Annual Pilgrimage!!!!

I know I've had a moan about this before but this is all that's left of Crimpsall works at Doncaster!!!!
The actual spot where Mallard and Flying Scotsman came into being now looks like a wasteland.
I'll probably not bother going round there again,,, whats the point!!!!

To add to my gloom on walking back to the station I noticed that 2 public houses which have probably heard more railway stories than most are also looking in danger,,,, "The Plant" which is right next to what is now the Wabco entrance is having serious remedial work carried out on the structure and the next time I wander off down memory lane it will probably be a nail bar or tattoo parlour!!
"The Railway" which is between "The Plant" and the station appears to be shut or in very serious trouble,,, I did notice that they have a new Pub Sign swinging in the breeze advertising it as "The Railway".
The picture on the sign is of a GWR King!!!!! you can probably spit from the bar onto the ECML and some corporate prat has decided that sign is adequate,,,, that picture may be why business tailed off,,,, if so,,, serves you right.

One good bit of news is that whilst sitting on the station platform I noticed a Dad with his 6 or 7 year old son on the other platform,,, Dad was videoing stuff going past and son was obviously filling in his Ian Allan book,,, and seemed to be really enjoying himself,,, "well done Dad,,, we need you"
In fairness there were a considerable number of youngsters on the platform spotting,,, probably because it's half term,,, mind you the majority of other anoraks were probably older than me!!!!

 You may wonder why I have got a picture of Jack Bruce leaning against a shed,,,, if only you knew.
Whilst building Salmon Pastures in my shed I have probably listened to Jack Bruce more than anybody,,, although it may be a close run thing with Django and Fats Waller.
He shuffled off this mortal coil last weekend and I feel pretty sad about that,, for me his music is a very important part of me,, and that he has gone needs officially recording.
Good on yer Jack,,, did you have a railway in that shed????

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