Saturday, 11 October 2014

The Great Bake Off,,, well close

Whist recently looking round the loft for something else which I had put "somewhere safe",,, and once again couldn't find it for the life of me I occasioned upon a battered old folder,,, "mmm that's interesting" I mused and had to look inside,, and low and behold it was the original rough notes of what I intended to include in my proposed layout which transpired into the original boards of Salmon Pastures ,,,, along with it in the folder were some old invoices from a model shop in Farnborough & the wonderful West Coast Kit Centre near Bristol,, and the invoices were dated 1994,,,, cripes I thought that's 20 years ago,,, that's a long time and I nearly had much more hair in those days,, well well 20 years of pasturing,,, dosen't time fly when your happily modelling!!!!

As I haven't got a thumbs up or down button on this steam blog I'm warning you now I can feel a 20th celebratory rant coming on:

Why am I paying for a TV license,,, I am not in the least bit interested in baking cakes which reduces the content of what I might want to watch on telly by about 40%,,, I'm even less interested in talentless numpty's who cannot dance, sing, ice skate or whatever but just want to be on tele and become a "celebrity",,, and that takes the content down even further to about 7.5% and that includes the news!!!

It's a complete waste of my hard earned dosh,, why do we legally need a license to watch absolute tosh!!!!
It's a mystery to me,,, mind you I did glean one useful bit of info the other evening and that was that Bruce Forsythe was older than sliced bread!!!!! Now that is no surprise to me at all,,, and it BLOOMIN SHOWS,,, if ever there was a case for "social euthanasia" it is our Brucie!!!! give it a rest you old git and let some sprightly 60 year old have a go,,,, 

Anyway I was also reminded the other day that I have not been blogging for some time,,, CORRECT,,,, I've been far too busy modelling,, working,,, caravaning,, Welsh Walesing,,, and reunioning,, but you'll be pleased to know I'm back,,, and before long we will be able to post pictures of the Pastures equivalent of Newtown + the new entrance building + some shots of the latest finished loco's to grace the coaling stage down our way.

I won't apologise for not blogging as I've been having the time of my life,,, and it's just dawned on my that blogging is actually more fun than,, corrie,,emma,, [read the next one in a high pitch scream] east-enders and whatever other drivel auntie Beeb is conning us with these days.

We are all jumping in a car next Friday to visit Little Bytham,,,, cripes,,, I'd better polish my shoes for this one and I'd like to say make sure my parting is in the right place but just like decent TV my parting departed years ago and what was a parting is now just a large pink void,, mind you it's an experienced void and I really  am looking forward to a day at LB. 

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