Saturday, 18 October 2014


Yesterday,,, [all my models seemed so far away],,,, I had the real pleasure, with the majority of the Potter Heigham Fine Scale Group, of visiting Little Bytham,, the home turf of a certain Mr Tony Wright.

Only one word springs to mind and that is "Inspiration".

Personally it is fortunate that Tony has a very healthy interest in all things Eastern Region/LNER but the other members of our group, who's interest are Southern/LSWR, Western/GWR, & MGNR/NNR/Diesel/Steam [what a well balanced group we are!!!] seemed to enjoy themselves equally and  no matter what your interests are the "quality" of Little Bytham speaks for itself.

Tony openly tells the tale that he has been "very fortunate" to be able to recruit some pretty skilled "assistants" in helping him create his own "Valhalaland" but for me to be able to experience close up what IS possible in this wonderful hobby is very worthwhile no matter who or how it was achieved.

It runs like a dream and I think that is very important,,, what is the point in building something that really looks the part if it "DON'T WORK", and it looks the part because,,,mmm,,, why do's it look the part,,, "clutter" or perhaps more importantly the lack of it,,, what can I say apart from the fact that it just looks right, and I'm pretty sure that is more to do with planning than skill or luck!!.

In modelling terms yesterday was a very significant day, how that will benefit us all here down on the pasture's I'm not altogether sure,, but,, believe me yesterday will have a positive effect on what we are trying to achieve here down at the mucky end of the hobby!!!

I attach a couple of shots of pastures motive power "lording" it at LB,,, one thing I did learn is that they would both have looked a lot better if they had been finished and weathered!!!
There you are,,, the visit is having an impact already!!!


A Fowler/Mongrel/Hornby/Comet/Crownline/Hybrid,,, with Limo-Cab
A D9 without handrails,, [and various other bits],,, and looking far too pristine for it's own good,,,
BUT,,  I have to say I was incredibly proud when they both held their own when it came to tractive effort/ pulling power,, and both of them informed me on the debrief back home that life is so much easier when the trackwork is extremely functional as well as pretty and I've added the promised bits of weight to the boilers.

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