Saturday, 1 November 2014

Half Hearted progress report,,, some actual modelling,

These cottage backs are starting to take over and are now starting to hide in the corner of the office.
Thought I'd better just add a couple of shots of whats been happening on the modelling front.
Just co's I havent' been blogging does not necessarily mean I have been sat doing diddlysquat.
Well actually I have been a bit of a blog on the RMweb forum thing and sticking my large overscale 00 gauge oar into a heated debate about wheel flanges with the P4 lads,,,, it's all reminded me of my first Triang clockwork shunter,,,, I really enjoy a good wind-up.

I have amassed so many brownie points I have been allowed to set up camp in the spare bedroom/office to attack the first part of "Newtown" a fitting name is still to be decided upon and whatever we call it is just a distraction to hide the fiddle yard".
Having permission to use the office is handy co's if I have a sudden attack of the insomnia's I can don my modellers dressing gown and wander about 3 metres and set about the next little part of the project.

This is the plywood hill currently sitting on top of the fiddle yard and that hole is where the cottages are going to be sited,,, I bet your fascinated by all this.
Another blog bites the dust,,,, I really will have to concentrate on the buildings as checking my exhibition planner yesterday I only have 26 weeks before Trainwest Melksham in April,,, and we still have lots of things to attack on the ToDo list.

The next couple of shots will probably be more meaningful than these 2,,, Very very busy

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