Saturday, 20 December 2014

Merry Xmas to all our reader [singular. edit Apr 2015 WRONG his names Stephen,, & I've met him]

I am delighted to announce that after another productive session in that icy cavern which is the garage I can proudly proclaim that the festive season is upon us.

After 2 hours out there this morning you can hopefully see that I have definitely felt warmer and have therefore decided to depart these frozen wastelands for the warmer climes of the Med until it heats up a bit.

We are off to Malta at some unholy hour tomorrow am and normal service will be exhumed on our return.

I am also very happy to advise that the sled driving geezer also did the Pastures proud by delivering ahead of schedule an LMS Jubilee in Maroon [ already luvly jubberli ] and an apple green D11 director,,, how does he work out every year exactly what I want,,,,ti's a mystery for sure.

More importantly one side of the terraced street is almost complete and t'other side is well over half way,,, I would post some shots but to be frank I just can't be bothered so you'll have to wait till "westerner" and his electronic box brownie appears again,,, as he is much better at it than I am.

Thinking of warmer situations I can confirm we will be at Scarborough exhibition in August and by then my feet and other fleshy protuberances may well have returned to normal.

Malta can be particularly festive at this time of year and I just hope the liver and kidneys are well prepared for the obstacle course they are about to embark on!!!!!

Enjoy the repeats,,, and be assured we will be back in the New Year.

This is about as festive as I can get!!!   wotaload o muttter muttttter mutttttter,,, oh and by the way of some strange quirk of festive fate this is the 100th post!!!! and it's only taken 7 years to get this far .

At least on here you can post in the morning and still be relevant 6 nano seconds later!!!!

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