Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Old Bangers and Flea Pits.

Happy New Year Reader,,,,, now go and get some modelling done.

Anybody who has been there will know exactly what this is,,, or was,,, about 3 years ago our good friends at Arriva,,,, arrived in Malta with a GRAND Plan for progress,,, promptly got the government to cancel all the old buses, most of which were family businesses,, & replaced them with "state of the art" replacements,,,, as against the "state of the ark" originals and proclaimed that progress was guaranteed for the island,,,,,

18 months passed by and Arriva,,, de-arrived and cleared off back to UK as they couldn't make a profit,,, Ha Ha ,,, those old buses did more for the Maltese tourist industry than most things but "the experts knew better",,, unfortunately there is little chance the old bangers will come back but having just spent the festive season there it wasn't the same,,,, most of them were like Triggers Brush,,,, 16 heads and 42 handles but but but,,, the experts knew best,,, although there is a lobby afoot to bring some of the best one's out during the summer tourist season,,,, but don't hold your breath!!!!

Anyway I have packed my shorts & flip flops away and it is back to watching the sheds version of the northern lights dribble down my nose whilst modelling and getting ready for TrainWest at Melksham in April,,,, it's all getting rather exciting,,, the houses are built and in situ [apart from some gutters and downpipes] and even the long ago built cinema has found a permanent resting place,,,, I built it about 6 years ago,, I just had to after finding a picture of it on't t'internet and the significance is I remember going there when it was a thriving and archetypal flea pit.

The very thought of it makes me itch,,,, that memorable pervading aroma of Brylcreem, over heated popcorn, and stale beer breath,,, happy days. I can't remember what it was I went to watch but "The Elite" pronounced "theelite" was famous for having the 3 Stooges between the adverts and the news and then again before the main film,, who needs cineplex and a small mortgage for a bag of sweets.. it's all RRRUbish.

We are really looking forward to Melksham,,,, we should be alright as we are bringing our own tame Westerner with us to translate,,, he's from down that way originally which probably explains his fascination for scenery and chocolate & cream and cleanliness,, as mentioned in my previous blog  [lagging behind the target of 14th Feb 2013] they all look the same to me.
I'm actually rather pleased to announce that my Lagging behind the Target blog is the most viewed issue of all time,,,, it's all good light hearted fun winding up my western and RCTS colleagues,,, I don't really mean it,, well not while they are in earshot.

Anyway I will post some pictures of recent progress [after Westerner has visited again with his digital box brownie] and if that isn't good enough you really ought to come along and complain in person at Trainwest Melksham on 11th & 12th April 2015.

Reminder to self,,, I really must get the sports jacket deloused and dry cleaned  and replace my resplendent rainbow display of RCTS multi coloured pens and draughtsmans propelling pencils,,, You never know I might even give the old 6" rule a polish!!!!
We need to be presentable when within spitting distance of Swinedon!!

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