Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Lizzie Ward,,, or a severe case of elephantitus!!!

Now I'm sure some of you will remember an ealier post highlighting "Lizzie Ward",,, as seen above,,,she used to do delivery's from the steel works around the turn of the last century,,,, now,,, you may wonder what an elephant was doing working in a steel works,,,, well most of the heavy horses had been loaned to the Army and as the same people were ordering copious quantities of weapons and munitions the demand for heavy haulage was at an all time high so some brainwave decided if they can't use horses he knew a man with a circus who had an elephant and perhaps that would be a suitable replacement.

It was more than suitable it was ideal and Lizzie became a bit of a celebrity in Sheffield,,, and it is also rumoured that the local rose growers won just about everything when Lizzie was in town.

Well it's just too good an opportunity to miss here at the Pastures so we have decided to honour her achievements in model form and here she is.   

Now a long time ago I was gainfully employed by the good old motor trade and I thought I had come across most of the bad jobs in the motor industry but thankfully I was never asked to service an elephant!!!

On a more serious note if you'd like to meet Lizzie then come and meet her at Trainwest Melksham on the 11th and 12th of April,,,, which is 6 weeks this weekend.

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