Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The Wild West

As Trainwest Melksham approaches at ever increasing speed I thought it necessary to do a bit of research into what we are likely to find on our first visit to the West Country and so I took myself off to the "Pastures Library",,,and found various little nuggets of information hidden within those dusty shelves.

Now I know the show is dangerously close to Swinedon but I never would have believed I would find within just 5 minutes of starting  a picture of the world famous locomotive design team.
The chap on the left is Mr Collett,,, coincidentally the one in the middle is also Mr Collett and would you believe so is the one on the right as well,,, now I've seen this photo it answers various long standing questions I have had about the appearance of the vast majority of their locomotives.

Then I found a Wiltshire dictionary and that revealed all manner of words I had not come across before,,,
and to cap it all off I also discovered that I am not alone in spending considerable amounts of time trying to streamline & re-organise my workspaces in both the shed and garage!!!

For me this little gem just about sums up the organised chaos which is commonplace down on the pastures,,,, and I am sick to the back teeth with spending endless hours looking for things I know I have but cannot quite remember which strategic location they were last left in which would be handy at some point in the future.

We really are looking forward to Trainwest, which just in case you forgot is on April 11th & 12th and if you can't afford an exhibition guide then just look for the stand that has very little on top and spends most of it's time giggling,,, but,,, it has to be said we are all very aware of how seriously Wiltshire takes it's railways and therefore rest assured it will be very meaningful giggling,,, well at least in the morning sessions.

Why not come along and join in the fun.

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