Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Pictorial Update

Hello reader,
If you now move your eyeball about 6" to the left you will see the "gateway to Flickr Oblivion button"
Please press it,,, just for once,,, I have spent the past couple of evenings [it's too damn cold in the shed] sorting out many of the pictures and have surpassed myself by setting up a couple of new albums.

Please have a browse through and you can even leave a comment or 2 if you are that way inclined.

It has also been suggested that I have an album of all the different locomotives with a bit of a description,,,, if this is of interest then please leave a comment or 2.

Just so there is no confusion I can confirm I have a C12 tank [[there must be at least 20 pics of it!!!!]]

Hello,,, Goodbye,,, and perhaps thanks for taking a little peek at life behind the scene's down here at the pastures,,, Oh and by the way,,, less than 4 weeks to go before Trainwest,,,, April 11th & 12th,,,,
Don't panic Mr Mannering don't panic,,,, we will be more than prepared.

Hope you like the new initial picture,,, how can you fail to like yet another pic from "The Westerner" and nothing at all to do with the subject on view!!!!!    Wonderful,,,, thanks again Alan.

By the way Alan,,, what have you done with that the row of shops which are Mafeking Terrace,,, have they gone on holiday??

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