Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Oh ye of little faith!!!

Well we finally got there,,, The New Entrance,,, it first got a mention in an October 2013 post and today I have actually finished settling it into it's new home,,,, as you can see it was a bit of a rush getting it down before the spring shower,, but we made it.

Have also added to the flavour of the scene by giving it a couple of gas lamps,,,, which I have to say I am absolutely delighted with,,,, I have a picture of a GCR street lamp which had a particularly large glass bowl and I'm sure the lads at the Ying Sin Egg Noodle and Miniature Lamp Company have copied it just for me.

How our oriental friends manage to churn 3 of these out for under £10 is a complete mystery to me but please continue,, they are absolutely spot on.

Cleverly you can use them in 4mm and 7mm,,, for us 4mm types you have a street lamp with a large glass bowl,,,,just what I want,,,  for 7mm you get some post extensions and yours are taller but with a smaller bowl,,,, clever,,, clever clever,,, but compared against the pic I have they look spot on.

Nobody can miss the new entrance now,,, it looks like Blackpool down there in the half light,,, we are having the official opening of the new entrance at Trainwest Melksham this weekend.

Please come along,,, I still need someone with a sharp pair of scissors to cut the ribbon.

If you do make it please say hello.

SAD and the Pasteurized Gang.

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