Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Another bunch of likely looking lads about to visit Ely

Now here's a bunch of likely looking lads,,, it's the Salmon Pastures Industrial Tiddleywinks Team,, [ if you click on the pic you'll get a much better view] known as "The SPITT" locally and they are just about to have a quick flick up and practice before the forthcoming semi-final against the Ely Cathedral Deathwatch Beetlers,,, come on you all knew there'd be a bit of an advert involved somewhere along the line,,, by the way we are at Ely & District Model Railway Club exhibition on May 16th,,, which is about 3 weeks this coming weekend.

That guy second from the right kneeling on the front row with the industrial thumbscrew is a bit of a poor loser,, and he carry's that around with him at away matches to "motivate" the lads a bit and it seems to have worked as they haven't lost an away match this season.

Have you also noticed there is only one person not wearing a hat,, and she's right at the back standing under the arch,,, she's just finished slicing the oranges for half time,,, and she's about to go back to the candy floss machine which is connected to that belt driven thing wizzing round at amazing speed ,,, it must be motoring as it's vibrated most of the grout out of those bricks,,, those were the day's no Elf & Safety,,, and nobody cared two hoots if you wanted 350HP motor driving your candy floss machine.

I had a run in last week with our Elf & Safety chappy,,, he was claiming the chisels were a bit too sharp to be given to kids,,, it's not often I'm speechless but this one caught me unawares,,, I told him not to worry co's our kids will soon knock the sharpness out of them,,, like they always do,,, we've got some chisels that have more handle than blade they have been sharpened that often,,, he seemed happy enough with my explanation and went back to teach French,,,,

Anyway if you fancy a laugh come and join in the fun down here on the pastures,,, did I mention we were at the City of Ely Community College on Saturday 16th May 2016.

The railway is back on it's own legs and I've even plumbed it all back in before we take it all down again for the next bash.

I'll post the result of the tiddlewinks later,, but to say we are confident of a win is an understatement.

And here's a quick NewsFlash,,, I've just checked the stats for the last 24 hours and of the 10 people who viewed the Salmon Pastures Blog,,, 6 of them were from Russia!!! Oh ho,,, keep your eye's out for the bears flying past,,, I dread to think that I've upset good old Vladimir himself,, perhaps he'll ride down here on his horse and take a look himself at some genuine imperialist modelling,, I can lend him a shirt as it's still pretty cold in the shed where the pastures lives!!
Bye bye and have a nice day.

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