Sunday, 13 April 2014

Many thanks Paddy!!

Pleased to announce we had a great time at the Norwich show,,, at one stage we were running out of room round the back of the layout, Stalham High School Railway Society wanted a go and "open wide" turned out to be a bloomin natural we had people lining up to take a turn on the controllers and I had to take myself off and have a look round and do some purchasing,, now that is a real change.

The standard of the exhibition was excellent with a good selection of layouts & traders,, and a small selection of "closely related others" boats planes and military were also of interest and it was a real credit to the exhibition organiser Paddy Welsh,,,,what a massive shame he could not be there to enjoy it with us, you will be missed Paddy.

Anyway we can now start getting ready for Chatham and as I want to have the new entrance in place by then I really will have to crack on and do some modelling, have also made a rather late new years resolution which is to "play trains" more often,,, I really enjoyed myself yesterday and apart from a load of grit in the turntable pit causing problems early on we had a pretty smooth running session.

We all had a nice day in a foin city!!!

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