Wednesday, 9 April 2014

It's Madness I tell you Sheer Madness!!!!

Well here we go again,,, don't time fly when your having fun,,, now this Saturday the 12th we are treading the boards in Norwich,,, a real pleasure as it's only 12 miles there and strangely enough 12 miles back.

I've spent the last couple of months sticking my toe's in the RMweb waters,,, and apart from being a tad chilli well lets just say you can't really complain if you haven't tried it!!!!
Where's the Thumbs up valid statement widget???.

Busy is the word,,, you can post at 8 in the morning and by 10.30 tea break your on page 16,,,, as interesting as it all is I doubt many people sit there 18 hours a day waiting for the next installment from "The Pastures" so rightly or wrongly we are back to steam driven postings at a very leisurely pace,,, now as I average 3 people viewing a day at least I know they have seen us!!!

They probably wont' saying anything but at least they have seen us,,, now where's that thumbs up/technicsmart arse button?????
Ah yes Don't blink or you'll miss us,,, sorry wrong blog.

Anyway as an update the new entrance building carries on apace but it won't be in situ for the Norwich bash
but it will be for the Chatham show in June.
This is what happens when you venture sarf of the river,,, it was going to go 2 ways we either get arrested or invited back,,,, Tonbridge was great and I didn't need the translation button once and had no trouble at all getting a visa!!!

I'm obviously confusing the steam driven blog as it's now decided it wants to start every sentence from the middle of the page [thumbs down button,,, bloomin computers]

On Saturday we start at 10am and finish at around 4.30pm and then adjourn to the local hostelry of choice as we will all be very tired and emotional but ready for the obligatory debrief.

I'll finish with a Swinedon joke,,, what to do you get if you mate a 2251 and a Grange????
Identical  Twins,,,, Yo Ho they all look the same to me.

I have to say it's great to be back,,, hello  CAN YOU HEAR ME???

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