Friday, 11 April 2014

Dear Mr Bachmann

Just a quick update to advise that we are about to load The Pastures into the back of the jolly red giant and wend our merry way towards Hellesdon High School Norwich for the exhibition which starts tomorrow at 10 am and finishes at 4.30pm,,, plug over,,, [now I really could do with a promotion buttons,,,mmm]

Anyway as part of the final shake down tests last night I took the newly acquired Bachmann Compound down to the 40' of local shed which is Epsom & Ewell by David Orton.

Now 20 minutes running round David's layout and the Compound will probably do more actual distance than it will in 5 years trundling into and out of Salmon Pastures shed.

This is very handy as all locomotives are a bit stiff when brand new but they soon lose that reluctance to run freely after a quick session on Davids system, and even more handy when you are kit or scratch building.

This we did last night and it worked wonders,,, I was also amazed to see it ambling round the main circuit quite happily with 8 Mk1 coaches and it took 6 of them up the 20' incline without any problems whatsover,,, just for the fun of it I stopped it half way up and then started again,,,, the wheels slipped beautifully and I was having great fun stopping and starting on the challenge which is David's incline.

So Mr Bachmann,,,, may I take this opportunity of officially recording my appreciation of a very fine model of a very fine prototype,,, & there were lots of them around Sheffield.

The 4-4-0 wheel arrangement is not conducive to tractability but I don't know how they have managed it but this one pulls like the proverbial steam train!!!

Not wanting to appear ungrateful but can I ask when the D11 will be available in an LNER livery,,, then life would be truly complete.

So many thanks to all the boys at Barwell,,, in our opinion an absolute CRACKER!!!
[technically brilliant button 5 times,,, like button 8 times and a real puller button 2wice]

Why don't you come and see it at the show tomorrow,,,, [it's true I really do need a promotions button]

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