Friday, 13 April 2012

Don't time fly when your having fun

As expected the much vaunted ambition to "avablogamonth" has already missed a couple of months BUT there have been mitigating circumstances.

The good news is we have been invited to Chelmsford Exhibition in October which will give me lots of things to tinkle with between now and then.

Could be a dangerous weekend as an old AirFarce chum lives just down the road and he has agreed to assist!!!!!,,,, he's never been near a model railway in his life so it could be
"tres intressant" as they say dans l'continant,,, as against incontinent!!!!

I have also been very bust on a top secret project just down the road,,, but as we are all sworn to secrecy best I leave it there,,, but SAD has been dabbling with N gauge,,, and "intit small,,,, cripes my digits are far too oversized for such twiddlings".

The quick dust over and track clean on fathers posthumous efforts have had to take a slow shunt to nowhere for the time being,,, but all is not lost,,,, it is now working after a fashion and I just need to sit and look at if for a bit before I decide where we go next. Watch this space.

The dog has taken up residence in the cats' box in't shed and that has created all manner of agro,,, but all is not lost as now we don't need the calor gas burner on full belt every session they are both quite content to sit outside and joust for position on the shed threshold.

Will have to leave it there as I'm fed up with all this,,, but only 2 more to go to get back on track.


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