Saturday, 28 April 2012

That poor old cow's innards

Saturday night and it's on again,,, and all cleverly disguised as entertainment,,, that poor cow.

Anyway onto more enlightening subjects like,,,why are black and white photo's more interesting than coloured ones,,, or is it just me.

Perhaps I am of a generation where black and white is the norm,,, I offer a classic example of what I am on about,,, not only that,,, but the buildings when they were intact were about 1 mile from my favourite imaginary location,,, Salmon Pastures.

Which does actually exist,,, but is now a glorious technicolour annexe of one of europe's largest shopping malls,,, and you cannot move for mosque's and empty McDonut wrappers,,, yuch.

About 20 years ago I took a work colleague on a trip through industrial Yorks and Lancs,,, [what a lovely name for a railway] we were supposed to be visiting industrial battery manufacturers but spent most of our time looking at some pretty incredible scenery and victorian buildings.

My colleague was born in South Africa and lived in a particularly rural part of Hampshire near Basingstoke,,, on driving past a particularly run down area of Bolton he commented that he could not understand why anybody on gods earth would want to live in a terraced house!!!

I exploded and called him all manner of snobbish southern gits,,, and mentioned that I had been born and bred in a terraced house just like the one's he was scoffing at and it was wonderful.

He thought that answered all manner of things,,,he was a particularly colourful character,,, I on the other hand prefer black and white.

Not particularly interesting I suppose but better than watching that poor cow's innards yet again and it does give me an opportunity to mention the pastures will be displayed,,, colourful terraced houses and all at Chelmsford model railway exhibition in October 2012.

Suvvern Gits!!! I really do love em.

Look forward to seeing you there,,, whoever you are.

SAD and everyone else at the Pastures.

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