Thursday, 19 April 2012

Fancy a Ramble.

Ramblings of a pasteurized mind,,,, Murphy's law is alive and kicking. Further to a visit to my local friendly builders merchant I am now fully equipped with bricks, mortar, wall plates and all manner of buildy type things so I can commence on the very overdue home for The Pasture's.
[now that the cattery no longer exists and the management has decided she really does need to put her car in the garage]
And despite the hosepipe ban and government sponsored official drought in East Anglia,,, since I took possession of the aformentioned builders bits it hasn't stopped bloomin raining,,,, I really am getting a bit precipitated off with all this.
Whilst living in Jeddah for 9 years, where it rains once a decade for about 3 hours, we never had a hosepipe ban or government sponsored droughts there,,, how do they do that.
All right the water was a bit salty that came out of the local desalination plant,,, but we wouldn't dream of drinking the stuff,,,, I'm sure if I handn't showered in it for 9 years I may still have some hair!!!
Well actually we did have a sponsored drought after the government discovered that some of the water the expats were drinking was decidedly alcoholic,, sorry,, fizzy.
Does this actually qualify as blog 4? Send us a comment please please please let me know your' still alive,, whoever you are.

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