Friday, 27 January 2012

Smolt's or Baby Salmon to you

Nature is a wonderful thing,,,, after residing in various garage's for long enough the pastures has spawned,, son of Salmon Pastures,, yet another odyssey on the favourite "where there's brass there's broke finger nails" theme.

Actually started by father as his "final fling",,, unfortunately he flung before it was finished and in a moment of brandy induced sentimental madness I told him I'd finish it,, someday,, and after sitting in the garage loft for nearly 10 years gathering dust and contracting warpy baseboards disease I now wish I had kept my mouth shut.

What was sold to me as a quick whip round with a track rubber & a few buildings to finish to taste,, has become a life's work,,, oh what fun we are having,,,, now we have built new points & replaced all the track and made a concerted effort to instill some East Anglian level flatness to the woodwork and fathomed the wirey plugs et al we are slowly starting to enjoy ourselves.

[Well it's cheaper than spending endless hours in the local,,, but only just]

Cassette's are in,, inpractical but nonetheless IN,, otherwise it gets a bit cold having the shed door open for any form of running session,, and in an unexpected departure from normal SAD logic this one will probably be based on British Railways late 50's early 60's when yours truly was actually trainspotting, on the other hand I have so much LMS LNER stuff it might not to mention that my D9 is over 50% unfinished!!!

Thats all folks,,,, I just can't wait for February!!

Anyway this years resolution is to Blog-a-month,, but not necessarily in chronological order.

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