Thursday, 20 August 2015

There's more to life than buffers and shunting round Scarborough!!!!

You may well be wondering what this image is all about!!!!

A Good question,,,,, and bare with me on the answer,,, tomorrow we are off to set up for exhibiting at the Scarborough and District Show in Yorkshire this weekend 22nd & 23rd,,, now the first time I met the lads from Scarborough was at Barrow Hill Live a couple of years ago and I had the pleasure of watching them play pool,,, their take on playing pool is so,,,mmm,,, different,,,, that you had to be there to witness it.

I have not laughed so much for many years,,,, we watched them for so long that we lost time,,, and also forgot how many refreshments we had consumed,,, and by the time we crawled off to our pit's I am convinced the table was the same shape as above.

I am hoping that at some point during the coming weekend we will be treated to a re-run on how to play pool in a distinctive style,,,, if pool is not your thing then why not come and watch us play trains for the weekend instead,,,, I have packed my industrial strength Anadin and I know I will probably need copious amounts of them.

The roar of the crowd and the smell of a good stiff hangover,,,,,can't wait!!!!

My grandfather used to advise,,, "there's more to life than beer and skittles" and he was quite right,,, co's pool hadn't been invented.

Needless to say for those of a certain persuasion you can always play on a frilly masterpiece like this one,,,, it's known as the Swindedon!!!

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