Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Get a life WILL YER!!!!

Will the world please get get a grip and get some modelling done,,, what is with mobile phones,,, it drives me barmy,,, the art of conversation is rapidly becoming a thing of the past,,, I don't give a damn how handy they are they are starting to rule your lives,,, what is the fascination????

Couldn't sleep last night and found this article on't web which was basically advising if you want to increase your blog statistics you could try becoming a bit more controversial,,, I'll give em controversial,,,, "dear lady in local newsagents... this morning I would have probably purchased several things if you had found the time to put your phone down and actually speak to me!!! Ha Ha take that your rude person!!!!! 

Don't want to steal your thunder Albert but I think we are already there mate,,, credit where it's due,,, he came out with this one years ago,,  he was that clever he could probably have enjoyed P4. I wonder if he has leather elbow patches on that jumper!!!

Now this weekend we will be burning the midnight oil in preparation for the Scarborough Bash [you all knew it was coming] I can't wait,,, treading the boards in God's own back garden on Saturday the 22nd Aug and Sunday the 23rd,,,, I've been up't north 2wice already in the last 4 weeks,,, a Bahrain Reunion in York and then the caravan in the Yorkshire Dales,,, the omens tell me the Scarborough Show could knock the other 2 into a cocked hat,,,,, a game of pool is also threatened!!!!!

I know exactly how you feel pal,, lovely,, contented,, at ease with the world,,, which reminds me I really must replace the bit of string between them 2 old tin cans!!! For the technical afficianado's please be advised I've been fannying about with my new airbrush,,, so why not come along and see if it's made a difference!!

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