Monday, 31 August 2015

Thank you Scarborough.

Well this shot just about sum's the Scarborough exhibition up for me.
By the time we were finished we were all pretty grubby,, happy,, and in good company.
In all the clubs exhibition promotions they keep telling everyone it is a "friendly" show.

That SDMRC has to be the understatement of the year.

Exhibition hall is less than 5 mins walk from Pickering station on the North Yorks Moor Railway.
In short we had a great time,,,great company,, lovely exhibition,,, nice venue,,, free Tea all day,,, high standard of exhibits and demonstrators and the night life in Pickering is not to be underestimated.

The highlight for me is a split decision,,, it could have been Madame Darling at the local chinese restaurant,, goodnight darling,, on the other hand it could have been discovering that Django Rheinhardt was not dead but playing in a pub in Pickering!!! Unbelievable but true!!

The lowlight was having to leave and drive through a monsoon on the A1 near Grantham,,, what is it about taking Salmon Pastures to shows and having to drive through monsoons,,, we had exactly the same last year at Tonbridge,,, it must be the dreaded global warming again,, and I blame all these factory's in Jangzhuan province having to make thousands of tons of flock every year to keep the GWR fans happy.

The liver & kidneys are slowly creeping back into their usual positions and unlike this time last week if I put my glasses on it actually makes a difference,,,,, what a weekend,,, if you didn't make it then you only have yourselves to blame.

What a CRACKER,,, and many thanks to all the lads at Scarborough & District MRC.

We will remember that one!!!! and just to get right up Swinedon's nose just look at what we rode on from Goathland to Pickering,,,,, it's true there really is a god.

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