Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The Cockles of your heart!!!

Now here's a picture to warm the cockles of any true steam enthusiast,,,, it looks like someone has run amoc with the exacto knife somewhere down in the duchy!!!!

I actually have quite a few diesel models and they come into their own with all this high fangled sound wizardry,,, very impressive,,, but,,, alas it isn't for us down on the pasture's.

I was listening to a School's with steam sound last week and the fireman's activity with the shovel was all you could hear,,, Mr Bullseye was a very clever fella but I'm surprised he never actually managed to get round to fitting silencer's on his shovels!!!

Anyway we are all getting rather excited as we are off on a boy's day out on Sunday to visit Retford,,, the model not the Nottinghamshire town of the same name,,, can't wait,,, I have seen it in various magazines and have heard it is even more impressive in the flesh than on glossy paper.

Ti's true I am using up countless brownie points but some things are important.

The D9 is coming on nicely but I cannot offer any pictures co's I haven't remembered to take any,, in short I am still jousting with the tender and it's connection to the engine,, we are getting there and it was trundling round Epsom last Thursday quite nicely until this "noisy neighbour"  Schools went flying past with the fireman working his socks off and the shock wave it left blew us off the track,,, ah well experiences like that remind me why I enjoy being an Analogue Luddite,,, god bless Mr Hammant and his uncle Morgan.

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