Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Webbens Clop Prototyping Phase ends.

Well hear it is the Webbens Clop Mk 1,,,[Computerised LOco Programme] and I am advised by the Webbens himself that fault diagnosis should be a doddle as all the main cables are routed externally [click on the image and you can see them] so it's just a case of pull out the plug,,, test with a pre-moistened digit or tongue,,, and replace, simples.

And as you can see all the wiring is colour coded as well,, some are black, some are white,, but the vast majority are varying shades of grey,,, what a great name for a book,,, [memo to self,,, work at it].

The Webbens himself is busy as we speak jostling and cajoling his microbytes and currently resembles a cocktail waiter on the QE2 frantically shaking an old typewriter ribbon tin above his head within which he stores a multitude of electronic ducks in a slightly disorganised linear row. I can't wait,, he's adamant it will work and we intend releasing it on the world at the Barrow Hill Live Steam Doncaster 160 years Extravaganza which is on Sept 28th & 29th just in case you forget.

Just had a thought,, we are going to need a bigger van to get the Clop and the layout to Barrow Hill!!!!

Am also pleased to advise at long last that I have managed to defrost the padlock on the shed door and I will be in residence for the next 3 days, along with my 2 assistants who will doubtless be jousting for a front row seat next to the gas bottle heater.

The D9 will be taking a pasting over the next week, as will the bicycle and I will hopefully post some progress pics as soon as they are available.

For all the avid computer types who may have inadvertantly fallen into this blog through some digital quirk of fate be advised the very small sign at the bottom left hand corner of the 2nd mainframe unit from the left reads, "now feed the monkey".

You guessed ,,, it's bloomin freezing up't shed this evening,,, but me and the gang have had a very productive day,,, watch this space,,, I'll attempt to post some pics when my microbytes have stopped shivering.

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